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July 30, 2015
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Some Elbow Grease from Richard Hutchins About A Franchise

Our MD Richard Hutchins hits the road to show our mobile kit for franchisees in action

Leather is considered a premium product by all who use it and in many cases, one they cannot do without. In tough financial times many are realising that with a little TLC from a properly trained professional, their leather can remain as beautiful as the day they bought it.

Our MD Richard is the kind of guy to roll his sleeves up and who knows our product offering inside out. Rather than tell how good our products are and how happy our customers are with the outcome, Richard hit the road to showcase them first hand.

The need for leather repair is growing so fast and so widely across the country that we simply cannot service this demand from our base in East Yorkshire. Richard’s mission was simple. Travel as far as is reasonable on your day off to demonstrate how a franchise  with Leather Repair Company is needed in your area.

Richard would be taking our mobile kit which, as a franchisee you would use.  Time to take action against a pesky scuff on the front seat of yet another otherwise pristine Vehicle. You can imagine the scenario when this owner realise what had happened to their pride and joy. They did what most of us would do and turned to the internet where we have an extremely strong presence to showcase the services of our franchises.

Last thing your customers want!

Franchise blog Richard

This type of repair is a pretty simple process and with 30 million vehicles in the UK having some form of damage, these jobs mount up and can be pretty lucrative.

Using the tools from his mobile kit, Richard first needs to remove any unwanted contaminants. To do this he uses an alcohol cleaner,  making sure a wide area around the scuff is cleared.

Removing contaminants

Franchise Blog Post

Once Richard is done with the cleaner the serous work begins. A scuff in leather will typically produce a rough surface which does not match the rest of the trim. The scuff needs to be sanded in order to create a smooth surface so that Richard can start thinking about the colour and if applicable, the use of a filler.

Franchise Mobile Business

All products used in your mobile kit Leather Repair Company branded products by the way. Being the leading supplier of leather care and repair products, our name is number one which is a great benefit to you guys. Moving on, Richard now needs to ensure he has a happy customer by ensuring that the colour and surface of the leather comes out as good as new. Taking his Leather Repair Company colourants from the mobile kit, Richard starts using the colourant to achieve the desired colour, in this case beige.

Franchise Richard On The Road

During this process, Richard dabs the colourant onto the leather so as to match the natural grain pattern of the leather. The process is repeated by Richard until the desired match in colour is found.

Richard is now left with a patch where the scuff was that has come out much shinier than the rest of the car seat. Simple fix with the Leather Repair Company finishing which will even this out.

Job done, no more scuff!

Richard On The Road Franchise

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