Car Interior Repair & Restoration

You Can Repair Your Leather Car Seat To As Good As New From As Little As £30

Using professional techniques developed and used uniquely by us, we bring to you a guaranteed restoration service for all vinyl car interiors and Leather car seat repair’s.

Restore or change the colour of all leather car interiors with a car leather repair kit

We use the same type of products to re-colour your car’s interior leather that are used when leather is first made.

You can repair your Leather car seat  and Steering wheel and recolours starting from as little as £75.00, cigarette burns in seats start at just £45

Having your leather interior repaired with us gives you more then piece of mind, you have the security that your dealing with a highly skilled and professional company as we are an IMI Awards approved centre.

Leather Car Seat Repair - Restoration for all types of items, classic cars to modern cars like Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, VW, Seat and more.


Bring your classic car interior back to life once again with a classic car restoration leather repair kit

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  • Professional Classic Car Restoration Kits
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When restoring your leather, we use similar products to those what are used when your leather is first manufactured.
Using our professional restoration services, we can guarantee that your leather won’t fade, flake, peel, crack or wear away.

Our products don’t contain nasty chemicals like some dyes do, the Leather Repair Company colourants are water based dyes.

Using PU finishes that are hard wearing. These are superior to most other products. Don’t just take our word for it though, try it your self!

Being experts in the leather car interior repair & restoration sector. Our repair services, products and methods used will give you outstanding results.

Every step is taken with extreme care, thought and consideration.

We promise to cherish, love and care for your leather. From cleaning it, to preparing your leather for repair to the finished job.

We’re not like most companies. We won’t stop at the final squirt of repair paint.

We’ll go a step further, we’ll protect it with our special lacquer. This is a coat which goes onto of the newly completed repaired area.

It adds extra strength, seals in the colour and helps to prolong the life of your leather interior.

Once that is done we will then protect it with the leather protection cream with it’s intelligent protection system, providing your leather with a tough durable finish, that feels luxurious and has the aroma of leather again.

Our products have been tested, tested, tested and… yep, tested again. We’ve done this so you reap the benefits. With our years of knowledge, experience and love for leather.

We can guarantee top quality results each and every time.

If it’s not a repair your after, we offer custom leather interior services.

Fancy changing your old faded black leather car seats to new flashy white ones with red stripes? Not a problem! Contact us for more information.

steering wheel

Leather Steering Wheel Repair

Leather Steering Wheel Repair

 You Can Repair Your Leather Steering As Good As New From As Little as £60  – Unbeatable Prices

  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Professional Services
  • Fully Trained Technicians
  • Over 30 Years Experience
  • Scuffs Repaired
  • Colour Restored

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