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April 5, 2015
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Used to restore and re dye aniline leather, water based aniline dyes

The professional way to put the life back into your aniline leather



Revive your aniline leather and restore the faded colour with the aniline dyes

Restore the worn, faded and scratched surface of your beautiful aniline leather with these powerful aniline dyes.

These aniline dyes are specifically made to be water based so are safe and friendly to use, producing stunning results every time.

The aniline dyes are best sprayed on to the aniline leather to gain the best results and a nice even coverage.

These aniline dyes permanently restore the faded, dull colour back to original specifications enhancing your aniline leather and making it last even longer than before.

With these aniline dyes its best to apply a sealer coat over the top of them still retaining your aniline leather look and feel and characteristics  due to the powerful covering properties.

These dyes penetrate the leather as aniline is not a sealed leather, whilst still keeping your luxurious silky soft feel and touch.

Once restored the aniline leather will be protected in the future against stains, dirt and grime build up.


Aniline Dyes Leather Dye 250ml Set

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The aniline dyes are best applied by spray application to get the best coverage of all.

These are professional grade products also suitable for the diy user at home or work.

Spray at low pressure of about 15psi keeping approx 12 inches away from the leathers surface.

Due to this being a dye spray in a well ventilated area and cover up everything to avoid areas being covered in dye.


250ml of aniline dye is sufficient to restore the colour on a 2 seat settee the aniline dyes are strong and powerful.

500ml will cover a two seat settee and two single chairs

1ltr will cover a three seat settee, a two seat settee and two single chairs


Q. Can i use this on suede
A no its designed for aniline leathers

Q. Can i use this to dye my car seats
A. No they are pigment coating and therefore require the standard leather colourants to re coat the surface.

Q. Can use these to change the colour of my aniline suite
A. Yes ensure you give plenty of coats to soak into the leather and then several coats so that the surface colour is changed.

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