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April 4, 2015
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Remove the manufactured coating on leather using the Leather Repair Company leather prep

Leather prep helps remove all the manufacturers surface finish prior to repair or restoration.

It also helps soften old dried cracked worn leathers, removing the cracking in the process as most cracks are in the surface coating and not in the leather.


This is used to remove the surface colour for repairs and restoration leather prep is a strong surface remover.

  • Removes Surface Coating
  • Removes Grease & Grime
  • Prepares The Surface
  • Helps Soften Leather

Leather Prep: A strong solvent cleaner used to remove the manufactured finish ready for re colouring or restoration.

The leather prep is used to simply remove the finished coatings that the tanneries have put on. As well as doing this, it will remove any hair gel,  stains, grease, waxes, oils & silicones which build up over the years, its very important they are all removed at this stage. Failing to remove these will cause issues with colourants bonding and this will make the surface structure unsafe.

The leather prep from the leather repair company strips away all colour coatings, helps to remove most cracks in the leather finish and surface. Those that cant be removed with the leather prep will require fibre binder and fillers.

Your surface is then ready for sanding to make it smooth again ready for applying a colour from one of our colour repair kits or restoration kits.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail us on: info@leatherrepaircompany.com

Stage 1 with restoring leather is to prep it fully first using the tampico brush and a vacuum with a soft brush attachment clean your leather item down to remove all dust and debris.

Prep step for cleaning leather


The second stage is to use the leather prep and a red pad with cloth between it soaked in leather prep and rub this over the surface to remove all the old coloured coating.

Leather Prep stage 2

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Leather Prep 250ml £17.00, Leather Prep 500ml £22.50, Leather Prep 1ltr £29.95, Leather Prep 5ltr £90.00


Soak a cloth in leather prep and place this between some red (fine) emery cloth.

The red abrasive pad will release the leather prep through its pores as you start the removal action on the leather.

Never let your red abrasive pad get too dry as this can then cause damage to the leather grain structure which will cause issues with restoration.

Remove all the manufactured finish on the leather leather the surface with no colour on it and in a state of being absorbent again ready for application of the leather dyes.


Q. Can i use this to clean very dirty leather.
A NO DO NOT USE AS A CLEANER, it will damage your leather finish as it will remove it.

Q. Can i use this on suede.
A. No sorry its cant be used on suede items.

Q Will this remove a connolised finish
A. Yes its perfect for removing connolising finishes on leather in classic cars