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April 4, 2015
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Leather Protection Cream, Feeds, Nourishes, Softens & Helps Stop Stains, Built In Intelligent Protection.

The Leather Protector Cream feeds, nourishes and re-instates that beautiful smell of leather into old and new leather goods.

Gives outstanding protection, nourishes and feeds your leather, has an amazing luxurious aroma of leather that infuses into your leather items, making them soft and supple.

Provides stain protection and UV rays protection.


Advanced Barriers Of Protection With The Leather Protector Cream.

The barriers will help stop dirt and grime building up on your leather,  dirt and grime will only speed up the wear process, causing further unnecessary damage that could have been avoided with applying the leather protection cream from new.

The Leather Repair Company have the worlds only Intelligent Protection system, providing outstanding protection for your leather items with it’s built in Intelligent Protection.

The protection cream is a water based product, giving outstanding barriers of protection on your leather goods, helps stop stains, dirt and grime build up.

Also providing protection from UV rays which is essential today with the changing weather conditions.

With the protector cream applied to your leather items, it will help stop body oils, grime and grease attacking the leathers surface that if left unprotected will cause serious damage.

Body oils and grease start to attack your leather from the moment your purchase it, so its imperative your protect your leather items instantly on purchase.

With the leather protector cream applied it adds many benefiting factors, it feeds, nourishes and conditions your leather from day one, helping stop stains taking place on the leather item, some major benefits include pen marks and jean dye transfer from breaking the leathers surface coating.

The leather protector cream can be used on many different types of leathers.

  • Modern auto interiors
  • Classic car seats & interiors
  • Leather garments
  • Shoes
  • Jackets
  • Settees
  • Aniline leathers
  • Pigment coated leathers
  • Bi cast leathers
  • Airplane interior leathers
  • Equestrian leathers
  • Handbags
  • Boats and super yachts.

Works great on Antique two tone & mottled finished leathers, Aniline and semi aniline, coated leathers, pigmented, oily and wax pull up leathers, connolised leather and all modern types of leathers.


Weight N/A


Shake the bottle well before use and during use.

Its best applied sparingly for even better protection, the more you apply once each coating is dry the better the protection, at most three coatings is more than enough to give a very long protection.

Applied thinly will make the protection cream blend In with your leather without changing the appearance / level of sheen.

If you wanted to gain a sheen level on your leather, apply thicker and buff like you would a car polish to produce a nice shiny finish.

Allow the product to dry between coats for around 10 to 15 minutes, once dry this can be buffed to lock in the special molecules giving you fantastic protection


Leather Protection Video

Leather Cleaning Video


Conditions Leather Helps stop leather from drying out, providing a nice protection along with conditioning agents to help keep leather soft and supple.

Stop Stains Due to its built in special molecules that when applied to the leather they activate and bond to the surface, creating an invisible barrier of protection like you have never seen before, stopping stains dead in their tracks.

UV Rays & Fading With its built in UV protectors the protection cream will aid against UV fading and exposure to the sun, helping maintain your leather longer than ever before.

Leather Aroma
The beauty of the leather protection cream is it’s built in aromas, that bring back that appealing leather smell once again to all old and new leathers alike.

Can Be Used On

The leather repair company Intelligent Leather Protection Cream can be used on

Leather Furniture
Leather Car Seats
Classic Car Seats
Leather Handbags
Leather Jackets
Leather Shoes
Aniline Leather
Bonded Leather
BiCast Leather
Pigmented Leather
Leather Shoes & Boots
Equine Leather
Leather Settees
Antique Leathers


Q. Is this safe, will it damage my leather
A. The Leather Protection Cream does just the opposite, its helps stop damage taking place to begin with, Yes its perfectly safe, its a fully tried and tested products, contains no harsh ingredients or chemicals that can cause harm.

Q. Is this safe to use on my classic Jaguar interior
A. Yes its perfectly fine for all types of classic car interiors, will soften and nourish the leather helping to prevent cracks and the leather drying out.

Q. Will it work on Aniline Leather with it being natural?
A. yes its fantastic for aniline leathers, as it helps stops stains and dirt sticking and getting into the natural pores to begin with, its best applying three coats of protection cream to aniline due to its absorbent nature.

Q. Can I use this on my Mulberry Handbag
A. Yes is perfectly safe for handbags, its best to give any item of leather a good clean first of all with the Premium Leather Cleaner prior to applying the protection cream.

Q. Can I use this on my Armani leather jacket
A. Yes its perfect for this, will keep it waterproof, stop uv rays attacking the colour and stops dirt getting into the leather grain.