Small Leather Repair Kit 250ml, perfect for re-colouring your seats the leather dye is strong and powerful and makes leather luxurious again
Colour Repair Kit
February 1, 2015
Steering Wheel Repair Kit this kit allows you to make your leather steering wheel as good as new again fully restoring the colour 01482 606864
Leather Steering Wheel Repairs
February 5, 2015
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Leather Scuff Repair Kit For Minor Repairs & Damage.

The Scuff Repair Kit, is the perfect partner for those minor touch ups and little scuffs and nicks in leather, perfect for car seat bolsters, simple to use four easy steps to a perfect repair every time !!

An extremely hard wearing and scuff resistant PU leather finish

  • Very Hard Wearing – Seals colour in, more importantly holds it there!
  • Highly flexible giving a natural soft touch.
  • Clear finish comes in a matt and gloss, this then enables you to mix to any finish desired
  • Water Based – Non Hazardous & Non Flammable
  • Giving a scuff & scratch resistant finish

Scuff Repair Kit Perfect For Small Touch Ups and Minor Damage.

  • Easy to use
  • Simply Sponge on
  • Or spray on
  • Quick Drying
  • Hard Wearing
  • Scuff Repair Kit
  • Matches Manufacturers Finish

Four Very Easy Simple Steps For A Perfect Repair With The This Repair Kit 

Clean It: Use the premium leather cleaner to clean your leather item fully to remove all dirt.

Prep It: Use the leather prep, to remove some of the old surface colour on the area needing repair.

Colour It: Using the colours, simply sponge on to re colour your leather item, providing a perfect seamless repair.

Seal It: Sponge on the clear coat sealers / lacquers to lock in the new colour.

Why not take a look at our Scuff Repair Kit video over on YouTube

Car Seats: This scuff repair kit is perfect for repairing and re colouring areas of colour loss on car seat bolsters, blends in the colour and repair to make the damage perfectly invisible.

Car Seat Piping: Great for touching up piping on classic and vintage car seats.

Leather Furniture: The scuff repair kit can also be used to colour in the edges of leather furniture where it’s all worn through.

The Leather Repair Company have a good selection of scuff repair kits and leather repair kits to tackle any size job you want to carry out as DIY repair at home or work or even around the office.

Weight 560 kg

Black kit £26.50, Navy Blue kit £26.50, White kit £26.50, Light Grey kit £26.50, Dark Grey kit £26.50, Red Kit £26.50, Dark Blue Kit £26.50, Light Beige Kit £26.50, Dark Green Kit £26.50, Light Blue Kit £26.50, Maroon Kit £26.50, Orange Kit £26.50, Yellow Kit £26.50, Dark Brown Kit £26.50, Dark Beige Kit £26.50, Light Brown Kit £26.50, Charcoal Kit £26.50, Chocolate Brown Kit £26.50, Cream Kit £26.50, Light Green Kit £26.50, Buttermilk Kit £26.50, Ivory Kit £26.50, Tan (Rusty Red Tan) Kit £26.50, Caramel Kit £26.50, Light Tan ( Creamy Shade Of Tan) Kit £26.50, Figaro Kit £26.50, Special Colour Mixed To Order £36.50

Kit Contents

Kit Contents:

Now Comes with the Additional 100ml Premium Leather Cleaner..
1 x Main Base Leather Colour 50ml
3 x Tinters 15ml each ( sometimes more depending on the base colour)
1 x Leather Gloss Finish 30ml
1 x Leather Finish Matt 30ml
1 x Leather Prep 50ml
1 x 30ml Mixing Cup
3 x Application Sponges
1 x Mixing Stick
2 x Tooth Picks
2 x Cotton Buds
1 x Sand Paper
1 x Detailed Instructions.

How Long Will It last

How Long Will It Last ?
This is a difficult question as so many factors have to be taken into account, but if the item has last 6 years so far, once you have carried out the restoration / repair to the leather item then you can fully expect it to last a further 6 years.

For Use On

Can Be Used On:

Car Interiors
Equine Leather
Motorbike Leathers
Leather Jackets
Leather Wallets
Leather Purses

How is it done ?

Our Kits are unique they are a very easy, simple four stage process.

1/ First of all you will need to clean the leather thoroughly.

2/ The next step is to use the prep, this is designed to remove some of the old surface coating, the reason for doing this is its removing all old dirt, grease, waxes and oils from the surface and some of the old manufacturers finish, this then gives you a base to work from allowing the colourant to adhere correctly to the leathers surface. Without removing some of the colour, the new colour wont bond correctly.

3/ The next stage is to colour the area to be repaired.

4/ Once coloured, you then seal this over with the clear coat sealers (Gloss and Matt Finish) the gloss and matt finish can be mixed together to give you a satin finish if this is the desired look you require, this can be done by mixing them 50/50.

Job Done !