Hot Trend: Luxury Leather Flooring

Hot Trend: Luxury Leather Flooring

April 16, 2023

Jane Smith, Managing Director

Generally speaking, when we think of flooring materials, our thoughts typically turn to something traditional like wood or carpet. We perhaps don’t immediately consider leather as a viable material… but, if you’re going for a luxury aesthetic at home or in a commercial environment, it might well be that leather is, in fact, a wonderful way to go.

In actual fact, leather flooring has some unique and interesting qualities that might make it the absolute perfect choice. Not only is it lovely to feel underfoot, it’s a very resilient option for your floor and you’ll find that it’s cool in the summer months (great news given the heatwave we’ve just had!) and warm during the winter, so that’s a win-win for sure.

You’ll also find that your floor starts to change as time goes on… but potentially for the better! As leather ages, it starts to patinate and becomes more characterful, reflecting the activities of those who walk on it. A reflection of the lives you and your family are living, perhaps.

Of course, foot traffic is something you’ll need to consider if you do want a leather floor at home. You need to make sure that you choose the right kind of leather for the space of the house you have in mind, so that it can withstand wear and tear appropriately.

If you know there’s going to be a lot of through traffic on a regular basis, a hard tannage is what you need. At the other end of the scale, soft shoulder leather would work better for a dressing room, walk-in wardrobe or other private space.

Maintenance may also be a concern if you’ve never thought of having a leather floor before, but the good news is that if any damage does happen, leather is relatively easy to repair! So you’ll have your flooring as good as new in next to no time.

If you are looking for leather repair near you at the moment, get in touch with the team here at the Leather Repair Company to see how we can help.

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