Keeping your Natuzzi leather in great shape.

Keeping your Natuzzi leather in great shape
  • Natuzzi Protecta Leather
  • Natuzzi Natural Leather
  • How To Care For Them

A question we get asked a great deal is how do I care for my Natuzzi leather ?

Natuzzi furniture has mainly two types of finishes Protecta and Natural

Both of these finishes are top grain leather.

Natuzzi Protecta Leather

The protecta finish has a slight polyurethane coating applied to the surface making it easy to wipe down and clean away dirt and grime.

The Natural finish has nothing on the surface and is just like an aniline leather.

With any form of leather its best to avoid exposing them to direct sun light.

The Protecta leather can be cleaned using the leather cleaner this can be done monthly depending on use

The protecta leather when manufactured has a thin finish layer applied to help protect again stains and spills.

If the item is not used daily then this can be done once every season.

Protection for the Protecta finish should be done more often than the cleaning.

We advise to protect the leather monthly regardless of the use, this can be done by using the protection cream.

When you get to the Natural leather this is a whole new game.

This leather is open to the elements, it has no surface finish on it at all.

Its the most luxurious feeling leather you can buy today.

So cleaning and protection is essential to avoid damaging the leather surface and colour.

With any forms of spills on your leather NEVER rub the spill away, always use gentle dabbing actions to adsorb the spill.

Do not dry the leather in direct sunlight or use a hair dryer to dry it either.

If you don’t have any leather cleaners a damp cloth with cold water will work wonders.

Gently using a damp cloth mop up the spill so it does not cause a stain.

Natuzzi Natural Leather

The Natural leather finish is achieved without changing the original characteristics of the hides.

Showing all natural makings and blemishes in the hide.

The Natural leather is left with many distinctive marks giving it that very natural look.

This type of leather will have natural scars, veining, colour shade differences and many more natural markings will be visible.

We advise that you should dust the Natural leather frequently.

Taking care and cleaning this leather requires a little more care than the Protecta finish.

The best cleaner for the Natural leather is the Aniline Cleaner.

You can also apply a leather protection system on to the Natural leather to help stop stains.

Once the above protection system has been applied its advised to protect your Natural leather as often as possible using the protection cream.

You can download our Cleaning & Protection booklet for all types of leathers Cleaning & Protection.

With the Natural leather spills must be removed at once without allowing them to soak in to the leathers natural pores.

Never rub the spill or stain as this will only push the stain or spill further in to the pores making it even harder to remove.

Most spills can be removed using a non abrasive cloth like a soft white terry towel or natural absorbent white paper to absorb the spill and stain.

Lightly dry the leather with a clean fresh cloth, again like the Protecta do not use direct heat or a hair dryer to dry the leather.

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