Alterations For Leather Clothing, Jackets, Trousers, Motorbike clothing

August 6, 2021

Jane Smith, Managing Director

Unbeatable prices on alterations from as little as £5, to fully adjust waists on trousers

With over 30 years of tailoring experience to Savile Row standards, we are able to carry out leather alterations and repairs on a large variety of garments.

To give you an idea of the services we can provide you, we can

• Shorten and take in leather and suede coats and jackets.

• Shorten sleeves.

• Lengthen sleeves.

• New zips in coats.

• New zips in leather jackets.

• New lining in leather coats and jackets.

• New zips in motorbike leather jackets and trousers.

• Replace panels in leather jackets

• Carry our custom colour alterations.

• Repairs to linings on clothing.

We always make sure the best quality products are used when carrying out alteration and replacements and repairs and this is guaranteed. All leather alterations are tailored using many of the traditional Savile Row methods usually associated with bespoke items and take about 4 to 7 weeks to carry out.

The products we use are crucial in creating that appearance that will leave an impression and our leather skins are all hand picked in person by us allowing us to give the finest quality and appearance, whilst still adhering to the general principles of the item’s we are altering.

All leather and fabric covered buttons are all hand made in our own workshops, ensuring the finest quality possible.

If your interested in any leather alterations, please call us on: 01482 606864 or drop us an email

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