Fabric SMART Repair Training Course

The fabric & velour repair course is a fantastic add-on to any business, providing SMART repairs to your existing client base.

Prices are: £200 +VAT and also includes lunch and drinks all-day

Fabric SMART Repair Training Course

The fabric & velour repair course is a fantastic add-on to any business, providing SMART repairs to your existing client base.

Prices are: £200 +VAT and also includes lunch and drinks all-day

What does the course cover?

This course covers different types of fabric repairs and restoration such as:

•   How to blend in repairs
•   How to mix fibres
•   How to put patterns back in fabric
•   Restoring fabric with burns

Our industry experts will show you the most effective ways to carry out repairs, using the correct products and in the correct order.We also go through the correct cleaning process to remove dirt and grime from fabrics before any repair can be carried out and how to maintain them after a repair has been done.

As a whole, this course covers:

  • Cleaning
  • Health & safety
  • Introduction to colour mixing
  • Product details
  • How to mask up
  • Surface preparation
  • Carrying out repairs
  • Tears
  • Cigarette burns
  • Applying fibres


David Foster

Richard was an exceptional teacher, and his knowledge was outstanding. I took along to repair two 60s Jaguar car seat bases which I thought were beyond repair. Richard taught me a great deal about understanding leather, how to treat it, repair scuffs, holes and tears. I was shown how to strip the leather to its original state, repair holes and cracks, and how to paint it. My seats looked amazing at the end and still do today.
The course is not just about repairing leather but also understanding leather and how to correctly maintain it. I really enjoyed the course, Richard a fantastic teacher and a very friendly guy.

Kristel Bracke

Biloba Bag Repair

I recently joined the LRC club. I finished my leather technician course in Belgium mid january. I am really happy I chose this course, it is just what I needed to further my bag repair business. Knowing what leather you deal with, what products to use for each problem, the wide range of products, … such an enormous amount of knowledge in just 3 days. I have been following a course to become a leatherworker for 4 years. But making a new object and restoring an old one, demand a different skillset. I am happy I can now combine both, although I realise I need a lot more experience through practice. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, but also to form a community which is really helpful.

David Wellman

Owner Supreme Leather Restorations - Chelmsford Essex.

There were many reasons for choosing LRC. The emails to my enquiries were responded too in detail. I spoke with both Richard & Carolynne over the phone to discuss courses and training. They were both very helpful, supportive, transparent and honest about what was involved. The course was very detailed, and provided me with the confidence to carry out repairs with professional results. The fact there is also the option to purchase equipment necessary to go and complete repairs means everything is in place for a trouble and stress free step in to the world of Leather Repairs.

Diane Gallant


I have taken 2 courses with Leather repair company. Richard and Carolynne traveled to our shop @ownerspridestalbert and taught a 3 day course May 2023 We learnt all about the history of Leather, identifying Leather, the full range of product knowledge, mixing color, repairing tears, rips and burns, cleaning and protecting Leather and so much more. My husband is an auto detailer and my background is hairstylist. I was surprised that I excelled at the color mixing part. Color theory IS color theory and mixing color was effortless to me. I left the course sharing with my husband and his team that if they needed additional support mixing color, I would come and mix for them and then they can proceed with the repair.

Richard Heek


I had a very educational training at Leather Repair Company Belgium. Instructor Mathias, with a lot of knowledge about the profession and the products. I got to know and use the LRC products here and am now applying them. The LRC products are easy to use and very effective.

Dobromir Naydenov

I attended a two day course at LRC and I can say that this is the course that every detailer/valeter should take! As a professionals, understanding the material we will be cleaning/maintaining is of the utmost importance, and LRC is the ideal place for this purpose! In the short period of two days, I learned so much - how to identify the type of leather, how to clean it safely and effectively, what damage the improper maintenance/usage can cause, and how to most effectively repair it within an hours. Together with the warm hospitality of Richard and Caroline, the course at LRC was a great and positive experience for me, improving my knowledge and skills, adding benefits not only for my business but for my customer's vehicles as well. I would also add, that the LRC leather care products I use for my car detailing business are simply second to none

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