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Mini Technician Leather Repair Kit


Mini Technician Leather Repair Kit.

This kit is very popular with hotels maintenance workers to carry out minor repairs to items around a hotel. 

Products & Tools
1 x 250ml Premium leather cleaner
1 x 250ml Leather protection cream
1 x 250ml Leather prep
2 x 10ml Coloured heavy filler white & black
1 x 100ml Leather finish gloss
1 x 100ml Leather finish matt
16 x Small Sponges
1 x Spatula
1 x Bundle of prep rags

1 x 100ml Weak Black
1 x 100ml Bright Yellow
1 x 100ml Scarlet (Red)
1 x 100ml Strong Black
1 x 100ml Bright Red
1 x 100ml Dark Blue
1 x 100ml Orange
1 x 100ml White
1 x 100ml Magenta
1 x 100ml Red Oxide
1 x 100ml Violet
1 x 100ml Navy Blue
1 x 100ml Bright Green
1 x 100ml Lemon
1 x 100ml Yellow Oxide
1 x 100ml Umber

Please note:
Boxes may change

This kit is designed as a hobbyist kit for someone who want to have a go at doing repairs before buying a full size kit or to practice minor repairs for someone at home or the office.


A great handy kit for hotels and restaurants to have on hand for maintenance officers to carry out quick repairs to leather and vinyl items in hotel rooms and around the hotel.