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Outstanding Adhesion

Scratch Resistant

Strong & Durable

Water Based Formula


Our aniline dye restores the faded, dull colour of your aniline leather to its original standards, improving the surface, keeping it preserved for longer than ever before. Aniline is not a sealed leather, so the dye will penetrate the leather whilst bringing back its silky, soft feel. Once restored the aniline leather will be protected in the future against stains, dirt and grime build up.


For the best coverage, the aniline dyes are best applied via spray application

1. Clean all the surface down with our leather cleaner
2. Shake the bottle well to make sure the colours are mixed well together
3. Spray at low pressure of about 15psi keeping approx. 12 inches away from the leathers surface, making sure the area is evenly covered
4. Let it dry naturally
5. Apply a second coat if you wish by following the same process

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This product is available in the following sizes:

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