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The aniline protector's brilliance is that it keeps daily dirt and grime at bay. It prevents dirt and grime from penetrating the leather fibres on your beautiful aniline products. Cleaning and caring for your aniline goods will be considerably easier when aniline is coated in the advanced technology barrier. When you apply the protector to your aniline products, it prevents dirt and grime from entering into the nap, allowing you easy maintenance to keep your aniline clean and fresh at all times.

The aniline protector is designed for boots, shoes, jackets, handbags, clothing, purses and furniture. Minimum effort is required to keep your aniline fresh and clean.


1. Clean the item with the Aniline Leather Cleaner
2. Lightly mist the Leather Protection Spray across the whole of the surface making sure it gets great coverage
3. Apply several coats to allow it to lock the surface together and prevent dirt and grime for good from attacking your aniline items

Helpful info:

Re-coat every three months, especially if the items are used on a daily basis.

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About Protecting Aniline Leather

The aniline leather protection spray provides a barrier to help prevent stains, dirt and grime from ruining your beautiful aniline leather furniture.

The aniline leather protection spray provides a barrier to help prevent fluids from socking in to your aniline leather suite. The protection works as most protection system do, once a spill has happened you have to act to remove before it penetrates the coating, this protection layer provides time to remove any excess before it soaks into your leather and causing stain's.

With aniline leather we advise a double protection method, apply the aniline protection spray and then allow to dry and apply two coatings of Leather Protection Cream. This gives you a fantastic protection level to stop all types of stains and liquids from damaging your leather seats.

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