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Added Flexibility

Great For Classics

Leather Safe Technology

Repair Cracks


1. Thinly apply the product with a palette knife to the affected area to create a base layer

2. Cover the area with the heat proof paper and gently heat until cured

3. Complete the rest of the repair with our Grain Copier

Place the compound in to the hole to be fixed and then apply the Teflon paper over the top and heat with the heat iron until cured, depending on the size of the hole and atmospheric conditions will determine how long this will take to cure, once cured cool down with the cooling bar and then apply the grain copier compound LRC46, apply the grain copier pad over the grain copier compound, then place the Teflon paper over the surface and then heat with a heat iron until cured leaving the grain copied into the repair allowing the repair to be blended in.

Before colouring wipe over with alcohol cleaner.

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This product is available in the following sizes:

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