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Grease & Grime Remover

Removes Surface Coating

Removes Waxes & Silicones

Water Based Formula


The leather prep removes all colour coatings and aids in the removal of most cracks in the leather finish and surface. Those that cannot be removed with the leather prep will need the use of a fibre binder and fillers. Prepare for the recolouring and restoration process once the finish has been removed.


1. Soak a cloth in leather prep and sandwich it between two pieces of red (fine) emery cloth

2. As you begin the removal activity on the leather, the red abrasive pad will release the leather prep through its pores. Never allow your red abrasive pad to become too dry, as this can cause damage to the leather grain structure and interfere with the restoration process

3. Remove all of the manufactured finish from the leather surface so it's colourless and absorbent again, ready for the application of leather colours

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