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Grease & Grime Remover

Removes Surface Coating

Removes Waxes & Silicones

Water Based Formula


The leather prep removes all colour coatings and aids in the removal of most cracks in the leather finish and surface. Those that cannot be removed with the leather prep will need the use of a fibre binder and fillers. Prepare for the recolouring and restoration process once the finish has been removed.

The purpose of using the leather prep is to prepare the surface ready to take the new colour, using the terry towel rub this over the surface to remove as much of the old colour as possible or the pad as above, this will remove most of the cracks in the leather as they are predominantly not in the leather itself but in the surface coating, the paint layer, that’s applied to the leather.

The Leather Prep thins down the surface coating, thus making the leather softer and feel much better. Dry cracked leather will be made soft and feel luxurious again after using the prep when carrying out a colour restoration process, as the prep removes the cracks and stiffness that’s in the leather and softens it to feel beautiful once again. This gives it a much better end result once colour has been applied to the new fresh surface.

If the leather after its had the surface paint removed still feels dry and stiff, then you can apply some LRC20 softening crème to soften up the leathers skin, this will put the softness back into the leather


Using or terry towel cloth or an abrasive pad, red fine scotch pad, fold in half and place within the pad a section of towelling then soak the towelling in leather prep just so it starts to run out on its own.

Preparation of the leathers surface is the key point in leather colour repairs / leather restorations do not skip these steps it will not work and rectifying it will take time!

Gently rub the red pad over the surface of the leather to begin to remove some of the old coloured coating, you don't have to remove all of the leather paint on the surface just enough to give the surface a key to bond the new leather repair paint to it.

As you move the red scotch pad over the surface use a terry towel rag to wipe away the paint that's being removed as you go.

You don't want to remove all the surface paint, just enough so it starts to show the natural leather colour through it, this is enough of a key to apply the new colour, once completed wipe over with alcohol cleaner.

You are now ready to carry out any repairs to scuff, tears or holes, you cant repair these until you have carried out the prep stages, once they are done your ready to apply leather repair paint.

This video demonstrates how much colour has to be removed from the surface Leather Prep Video

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