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Fast Action

Leather Safe Technology

Multi-Surface Mould Remover

Quick & Easy Application


Removing mould has never been so easy until now. This is a fast-acting powerful cleaning that knocks the socks off all other cleaners, destroying the mould immediately on contact. the Mould Remover comes in a handy trigger spray bottle for easy application, possibly the best Mould remover you’ll ever buy.


1. Spray directly onto the mould growth
2. Allow to sit for a few minutes so it penetrates the mould growth and then wipe away
3. If the first application doesn’t remove all the mould then repeat the steps and if required, use a soft Tampico brush to agitate the the surface and help remove the mould completely

This product is also available in other sizes:

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This product is available in the following sizes:


The mould remover works on any surface, fabrics, leather, vinyl, painted walls, convertible roofs, carpets, UPVc, wooden surfaces, hard tiled floors, glass, metal, granite, marble, micro marble, kitchen surfaces, wall papered walls and so much more. Always test in a small hidden area before using.

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