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Extremely Flexible

Rapid Drying

Shrink, Crack & Peel Resistant

Unique Repair Compound


The quick drying filler has excellent adhesion properties, won’t shrink, crack or peel off, once applied correctly, its medium viscosity and has an excellent shelf life. The quick dry Filler has a flexible finish so it won’t crack. It may need several applications to ensure of a perfect repair.

Warning: Make sure the surface finish has been removed fully before applying the Quick dry filler.

This liquid leather filler has a unique property to it which means if can spray this out of a spray gun, buy adjusting the spraying pressure so it's spitting out the liquid leather filler to create the effects of grain on the surface.

With the quick drying filler, you can apply this onto a protected painted leather surface to create a grain pad, once fully cured just peel off and on the underside is the impression of grain which can be used as a grain plaster.

*Not suitable on Suede, Nubuck or absorbent materials*


1. Once you have removed the surface finish that’s been applied in the tanning stages and the leather is back to a state of being absorbent again you can use the quick dry filler

2. Make sure the manufactured finish has been removed fully, then using a spatula, paste on the quick dry filler to the surface filling in badly cracked areas

3. Either wait for this to dry naturally or speed up with a hair drier then you can sand with 320 grit paper or 1200 grit paper if you wish to make the quick dry filler smooth

4. Then you’re ready for the application of the leather colours/leather dyes

5. Not suitable for use on Aniline, Suede, Nubuck or absorbent materials

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