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LRC39 Stain remover Soap was originally designed to be used on delicate leathers such as Nappa. We’ve now developed this to work on pigmented leathers too. Using the same source of natural ingredients


1. Wet your soap and rub onto damp cloth
2. Work soap into stained areas with damp cloth
3. Use a circular motion to lift stains and repeat process if necessary

After removing the stain protect all areas with the leather protection cream.

This product is also available in other sizes:

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This product is available in the following sizes:

The stain remover soap is designed to be a gentle but very affective product to remove stains and ink from the surface of the leather.

It’s a unique product in that its gentle yet very aggressive at the same time, removes stubborn stains on leathers surfaces, by simply rubbing over the surface on a cloth slightly wet.

Get a terry towel or bamboo fibre towel and make this wet, wring out so the towel is left damp, get a section around your finger and rub into the soap, once you have some on the cloth rub this into the stain in a circular motion gently working the stain off the leathers surface, if stains have gone into the leather, you won’t get them out, they require restoration.

As the stain starts to appear on the cloth swap the cloth to a new section and follow the above until the stain is removed.

On aniline leather you don’t want to rub too hard as you could push the stain into the leather as it’s an open pores leather, you need to gently massage the stain soap over the surface on anilines until the stain is removed.

The stain remover soap can be used on other surfaces also, including fabrics to remove stubborn stains.

Once a stain has been removed wipe over the surface with a leather cleaner on a cloth to remove any residue, then continue to protect your leather with a protection cream or leather spray protector.

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