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All Natural Ingredients

Natural Oils

Removes Dirt & Grime

Works With All Wood Types

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The wood reviver / polish is designed to deep clean all types of wooden surfaces including un treated timbers to help clean and remover stains, on French Polished surfaces the wood reviver is capable of deep cleaning and bringing the French Polished surface back to life again, it enriches natural oils into the timber to give them a new lease of life again.

Leaving behind a layer of protection that produces a nice shine if required and your wooden surfaces fully protected.

Timbers should always been cleaned every three months to avoid surface deterioration and restoration of your wooden items. The wood reviver and polish can add natural oils that the timbers require to stay bright and protected.

Removes all types of ingrained grime from within the grain of timber, remover older dulled silicones and waxes that stop the timbers from breathing properly and showing the timbers true natural characters.


1. Shake the bottle well before using to ensure all the contents are mixed up

2. Soak a cloth with the product

3. Use a circular motion to apply the product into your wood surface

4. Repeat the steps above until you have removed all the dirt and grime from the wood surface

5. Once clean use a dry cloth to buff the surface and move on to a protection or wax

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