Handling Cracks and Fluffy Cracks - General Chat About Connolly Leather - Leather Repair Company

We go live with the IDA in the UK Talking all about leather. We had a live chat with the IDA UK Portal If you want to find out more about leather and what Connolly leather is get in touch today

Leather Cleaning Tips & Help using LRC1 leather cleaner - Leather Repair Company

Leather Cleaning Tips help and advice Leather Repair Company People think cleaning leather is a tiring task, but its easy once you know how to to clean leather correctly using the correct cleaning products.

Transforming Leather Shoes - Leather Shoe Restorations - Leather Repair Company

Transforming Leather Shoes - Leather Shoe Restorations - Leather Repair Company These leather Shoes are by Made by Pal Zileri from calf skin. The process on these was to full strip all old colour off as someone had used an acrylic paint on them making them look plastic and the coating all cracking.

Walter Reginald Bianca Leather Merchants London -Totally Leathered

Bianca From Walter Reginald Leather Merchants London. Episode 12 We speak to Bianca who with her sister and mum run Walter Reginald in London. We speak about all types of skins, what they deal with and where they buy them from and the types of skins and finishes

Leather Race Seats Colour Change - Leather Repair Company

Leather Race Seats Colour Change - Leather Repair Company. These seats started off life as a light blue. The colour was all removed with leather prep from the leather repair company Once this had been done any repairs that were required were carried out, these were minimal just a small amount of filler in two tiny cracks. We used the flexi filler fir this repair.

Gel Degreaser LRC18 Product Video - Leather Repair Company

Gel Degreaser LRC18 Product Video - Used To remove Head Grease Or Oil Stains From Leather. The Alcohol Gel Degreaser is used to extract grease or oil from leather goods from car seats, sofas, clothing, shoes, handbags and more.

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