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Leather Repair Company Are Manufacturers & Retailers Of World Class, Cleaning, Repair & Restoration Products For All Types Of Leather.

Leather & Vinyl repairs and restoration services Leather Repair CompanyLeather Furniture repairs and restoration providing a nationwide service on all styles of furniture including antique chesterfieldsLeather Footwear - Leather Repair Company Repair & Restoration Service, Leather Care & Cleaning Products
Leather Clothing Repairs & Restoration, leather Garment alterationsCar Interiors repairs and restoration services from the Leather Repair Company - specialist in classic cars restoration and refurbishmentsEquine for all areas of Equine horse tack and riding equipment we can protect and soften all tack and saddles with our Saddle Care ranges
Leather Handbags can have a pamper day in our spa to bring them back to life, caring for your leather handbags increasing them in valueboat interiors repairs and restoration , protection against stains and spill using the Marine Leather GuardAirplane Interiors repairs to leather seating in airplanes, scuff repairs, drink stains and spills, holes in seats and pen marks

The Leather Repair Company are the No1 Nationwide Leather Repair & Restoration Service.

We have a vast array of leather care products, from a leather protectors and leather cleaners, to leather dyes and colourants and leather softening agents and specialist leather reviver’s. We supply wholesale and trade companies around the globe, direct to leather furniture manufacturers and leading warranty companies. We have built over the years an enviable name around the world now known as the exclusive leather repair company.

“We Are Manufacturers & Retailers Of World Class, Cleaning, Repair & Restoration Products For All Types Of Leather.”

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Leather  Cleaning – Leather Dyes – Leather Conditioners – Leather Repair.

Restorers Limited supply a full range of the highest quality leather cleaning, leather  care and repair products. All our products have been tried and tested over many years to ensure the Leather Repair Company are always at the forefront of the industry keeping up with all the trends within our market sectors.

Leather Cleaner & Leather Protection We produce a large range of leather cleaners and leather protectors providing the some of the best cleaning and protection actions around today. The Premium Leather is used on all types of leather and is the perfect partner for deep down cleaning actions. We provide many different types of protection for leather including Aniline Leather Protectors to repel dirt and stains on Aniline Leather. The Leather Protection Cream offers some of the finest protection around today, protecting your leather against stains, UV fading, drinks spills and even jean dye transfer and pen marks.

Leather Repair & Restoration   As well as our DIY repair and restoration products, we provide a professional repair and restoration service, we have workshops around the UK who can undertake a great deal of tasks to repair or restore your leather items. The Leather Repair Company are now the preferred choice for people wanting items repaired or restored, you can call us on  01482 606864.

Leather Colours – Leather Dyes – Leather Restoration    The leather dyes the Leather Repair Company supply are regarded as the best on the market and we are extremely proud of this fact. They provide long lasting properties to the leather, enhances the finish and possibly lasts longer than the original coatings applied in the tanneries. All dyes self seal making them extremely unique in every aspect.

Aniline Leather Care  We have specialist products for the cleaning and protection of all aniline leather items. Aniline leather is the most beautiful of all leathers  and the most costly, but when cared for correctly it can attain the most stunning patina. Cleaning aniline leather on a regular basis is essential, protection is is even more so important, our Aniline Care Kit is able to clean and provide protection fort all your aniline leather items. Aniline leather Protection can also stop stains for good

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Do you have the same get up and go as Richard Hutchins?

Do you have the same get up and go as Richard Hutchins?

Some Elbow Grease from Richard Hutchins About A Franchise Our MD Richard Hutchins hits the road to show our mobile kit for franchisees in action Leather is considered a premium product by all who use it and in many cases, one they cannot do without. In tough financial times many are realising that with a little TLC from a properly trained professional, their leather can remain as beautiful as the day they bought it. Our MD Richard is the kind of guy to roll his sleeves up and who knows our product offering inside out. Rather than tell how good our products are and how happy our customers are with the outcome, Richard hit the road to showcase them first hand. The need for leather repair is growing so fast and so widely across the country that we simply cannot service this demand from our base in East Yorkshire. Richard’s mission was simple. Travel as far as is reasonable on your day off to demonstrate how a franchise  with Leather Repair Company is needed in your area. Richard would be taking our mobile kit which, as a franchisee you would use.  Time to take action against a pesky scuff on the front seat of yet another otherwise pristine Vehicle. You can imagine the scenario when this owner realise what had happened to their pride and joy. They did what most of us would do and turned to the internet where we have an extremely strong presence to showcase the services of our franchises. Last thing your customers want! This type of repair is a pretty simple process and with 30...
Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

We are the Crufts of training in the leather industry! Like Crufts our training academy is now approved to teach old dogs and young pups new tricks!! When looking at learning a new skill what are the main things people think about? Longevity? Income? Location? One thing that isn’t often thought of in the initial stages is the actual course and training provider… Gone are the days of going to school till your 16 and leaving to go into employment and staying there forever. School is a lot more focused on the basics now and colleges then provide specific education in courses that appeal to the individuals. Nobody relishes the prospect of sitting in a classroom again, learning in a big group and taking twice as long on some subjects while others are brought up to speed and then not long enough on subjects that you struggle with. 1 on 1 industry specific training is forging its own path and overtaking traditional college courses, why? Because you do it at your own pace, you learn what you don’t know and you have somebody who is in the industry teaching you everything that is current, relevant and they are passing on their everyday skills. Leather Repair Company deliver that exact training to IMI standards… we are the only ones in our industry who can say we are IMI approved! IMI is the INSTITUTE of the MOTOR INDUSTRY and is the governing body for training within the motor trade. Formed back in 1920 a handful of members of the fledgling motor industry got together over dinner to talk about business and...
Prize Winning Work On Rover P6

Prize Winning Work On Rover P6

Rover P6 Prize winning work!!! This is work carried out by Jason Payne at our Harrogate office see email below from a happy customer… ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Chris Sidle (email address removed for security) Date: 23 July 2015 at 17:46 Subject: Rover P6 Interior To: Leather Repair Company Harrogate <harrogate@leatherrepaircompany.com> Hi Jason, At the beginning of May this year you undertook the refurbishment of the leather interior in my 1974 Rover 3500S classic car, and at the time I promised to send a few photos of the finished result. Unfortunately it has been a few weeks before I managed to collect suitable shots. When you had finished work on the interior I reassembled it, and took the car to the Rover P6 Club northern rally at Bowes Museum two days later. It won first prize in its class (Series II Rover P6 models). Shortly afterwards it took second prize in another Rover club event, against stiffer competition. There is no doubt the refurbished interior contributed significantly to the results. I did take some photos at the time, but both occasions were very bright days, and as is often the case with car interior shots the surrounding buildings cast a lot of shadows and the car’s own bodywork and trim produced a lot of reflections. Whereas some of these results were great photos in their own right, they were not ideal in terms of showcasing the interior finish and workmanship to best effect, so I decided not to send these on. Sometime later I attended an evening classic car show at Rufforth airfield, however, and although once again...

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