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We can repair all types of leather with all types of different damage. From your leather shoes to the leather interior in your helicopter!

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Our DIY store has a range of leather care & repair products that will help you easily carry out any repair work your self using the videos and instructions available.

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Be part of an ever growing industry! The leather industry is BIG. We have several franchises across the UK including one in Paris, France.

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Why not learn with us? The ONLY UK leather company to have an IMI award. The qualification you receive from us is as good as any college!

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The Leather Repair Company are the No1 Nationwide Leather Repair & Restoration Service.

We have a vast array of leather care products, from a leather protectors and leather cleaners, to leather dyes and colourants and leather softening agents and specialist leather reviver’s. We supply wholesale and trade companies around the globe, direct to leather furniture manufacturers and leading warranty companies. We have built over the years an enviable name around the world now known as the exclusive leather repair company.

“We Are Manufacturers & Retailers Of World Class, Cleaning, Repair & Restoration Products For All Types Of Leather.”

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Leather  Cleaning – Leather Dyes – Leather Conditioners – Leather Repair.

Restorers Limited supply a full range of the highest quality leather cleaning, leather  care and repair products. All our products have been tried and tested over many years to ensure the Leather Repair Company are always at the forefront of the industry keeping up with all the trends within our market sectors.

Leather Cleaner & Leather Protection We produce a large range of leather cleaners and leather protectors providing the some of the best cleaning and protection actions around today. The Premium Leather is used on all types of leather and is the perfect partner for deep down cleaning actions. We provide many different types of protection for leather including Aniline Leather Protectors to repel dirt and stains on Aniline Leather. The Leather Protection Cream offers some of the finest protection around today, protecting your leather against stains, UV fading, drinks spills and even jean dye transfer and pen marks.

Leather Repair & Restoration   As well as our DIY repair and restoration products, we provide a professional repair and restoration service, we have workshops around the UK who can undertake a great deal of tasks to repair or restore your leather items. The Leather Repair Company are now the preferred choice for people wanting items repaired or restored, you can call us on  01482 606864.

Leather Colours – Leather Dyes – Leather Restoration    The leather dyes the Leather Repair Company supply are regarded as the best on the market and we are extremely proud of this fact. They provide long lasting properties to the leather, enhances the finish and possibly lasts longer than the original coatings applied in the tanneries. All dyes self seal making them extremely unique in every aspect.

Aniline Leather Care  We have specialist products for the cleaning and protection of all aniline leather items. Aniline leather is the most beautiful of all leathers  and the most costly, but when cared for correctly it can attain the most stunning patina. Cleaning aniline leather on a regular basis is essential, protection is is even more so important, our Aniline Care Kit is able to clean and provide protection fort all your aniline leather items. Aniline leather Protection can also stop stains for good

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