What We Repair

We repair a complete range of items from sofas, to aircraft, car seats to leather jackets.

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Leather Repair & Vinyl Repairs

We can restore all your leather & vinyl repairs back to a condition as good as new.

  • Car Interior Repairs
  • Vinyl Seats Repaired
  • Leather Interiors Repaired
  • Full Restoration of Vinyl & Leather
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Leather Clothing Repairs

Make Your Jacket as good as new once again from as little as £10

We are experts in the following repairs to jackets and coats:

  • Stain removal (inc. grease, drink, ink & water damage) – from £20
  • Full colour restoration – from £45
  • Re-colouring – from £25
  • Cleaning – from £20
  • Tears, scuffs, rips & scratches removed – from £20
  • Panel replacement – from £25
  • Zip replacement – from £10
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Leather Bag Repairs

Make Your Handbag as good as new once again from as little as £10

Professional Handbag Cleaning and Restorations Services.

Restore or change the colour of all items of leather clothing, footwear, handbags & luggage.
Nationwide repair & restoration of leather handbags & luggage.

We restore worn, faded & discoloured leather handbags & luggage to a new condition, using advanced products exclusive to us.


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Leather Furniture Repairs & Upholstery

Restoration & Repairs For All Types Of Leather Furniture.

Guaranteed Unbeatable Prices On All Types Of Leather Furniture Repairs & Upholstery Services Carried Out By Trained Technicians

  • Guaranteed Service
  • Professional Repairs
  • Technicians Nationwide
  • Unbeatable Prices
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Car Interior Repair & Restoration

Leather Car Seat Repair As Good As New From As Little As £10

Using professional techniques developed and used uniquely by us, we bring to you a guaranteed restoration service for all vinyl car interiors and Leather car seat repair’s.

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Boat Interior Repairs

Refresh Your Boats Interior, We carry out out all types of Boat Interior Repairs

  • Expert Advice
  • Professional Boat Interior Repairs
  • Vinyl Seating Repaired
  • Colour Loss Resolved
  • Steering Wheels Repaired
  • Interior Cleans
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Footwear Repair and Restoration Specialists

Born from a passion of the finest qualities in life, we believe in offering a customer service that is like no other, one of the best in the world, if not the best.

The services we provide are shoe and boot upper restorations, cleaning, conditioning and colour changing services to the highest standards in the world.

Equine Repair and Restoration Specialists

Your leather tack can last almost for ever if you take great care of it. All leather age, and with age comes issues like lack of oils, fats and moisture, Saddle Care are your leading experts to provide help and care for all tack equipment.

What next?

Send it in; it won’t cost you anything to find out!
We do not charge for estimates. Just fill out the form or give us a call. We will then send you a repair sheet and address labels.

If you decide not to go ahead we will happily return the item to you.


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