How To Fix Leather Furniture After Christmas

How To Fix Leather Furniture After Christmas

April 11, 2023

Jane Smith, Managing Director

Now the Christmas decorations have come down, the sparkling lights and bunting that have been the focal point of the festive season will no longer be there to act as a distraction, and the hard, cold realities of January will be there.

For some, this can be a gloomy and depressing time, but it is also a time to get a practical grip on matters, especially if you are one of those people who makes new year resolutions with the clear intention of keeping them.

If this includes plans to do something about your interior décor, your first task may be to fix some damage from the Christmas period. If you have had a crowded, busy house over the festive period, the whole business may have been fun, but it might also have left a mess - including damage to furniture.

It may well be that your sofas or chairs need leather restoration work, due to stains, scratches or other blemishes.

Having a messy Christmas is not uncommon. Caroline Manzo, former star of the show Real Wives of New Jersey showed Style & Living Magazine the “carnage” at her home emanating from the festive period. Apart from the general mess of discarded wrapping paper and fallen pine needles, much of the furniture had been moved out of position.

As it happens, the footage was not of any leather furnishings. But any kind of furniture can be scratched or damaged when moved, and many of the readers might have winced at the thought of what similar activities in their homes might have done.

However, the biggest risk to leather furniture from Christmas is likely to be spillages. Whether it is an alcoholic tipple, a splodge of trifle, rum sauce or coffee, it is easily done. The key with any spillage on leather is to clean it off quickly, but this might not happen amid the chaos of present opening and evening inebriation.

The result is that significant staining can be bedded in, just as it would if you spilt it on the carpet. However, it is also true that trying to clean it off now using certain harsher soaps and detergents can also cause damage, which is why you should bring in the experts instead of attempting a DIY job.  

Scratches are another problem that can occur. While most Christmas presents do not include sharp objects, many folk will use scissors to open them and, of course, there will be lots of cutlery in use.

Should a minor mishap occur with one of these, there are various tricks that can be used to carry out a DIY repair. But a deeper scratch or a small tear is another matter altogether and, once again, the expert restorers will be needed.  

As the saying goes, Christmas comes but once a year. That may be quite enough for householders whose living rooms are turned into something resembling a bomb site on the big day. But it should be reassuring to know that, with expert help, almost any damage that your lovely leather furniture sustains can be fixed.

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