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Leather is a very unique material that requires ongoing love and care. Our problem solver was made to help you diagnose common problems with your leather items. From tears, scratches, dye transfer and everything in-between, we are sure to have a solution to your problem. If your problem isn't listed please get in touch with a member of our team today and we will be happy to help.

Pet Scratch

Pet scratches can leave you with an unsightly look to your furniture. This is a common problem with pet owners, luckily we’ve developed a kit specifically for this problem.

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Tears in your furniture can leave you feeling like all hope is lost. Whilst they look scary some are actually quite easy to fix. Our Tear Repair Kit is made specifically for this.

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Dye Transfer

Dye transfer is a common problem that can be easily sorted with a Leather Cleaner, however if left untreated it can stain your furniture. Don’t worry though, we have a kit for that too.

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Colour Loss

Heavily used areas of leather furniture can wear out over time when not properly treated. The leftover leather can look dull and lifeless. You need to use the kit linked to solve this.

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Cracked Leather

Dry, cracked leather can get worse over time and it is advised to treat as early as possible. We offer many products that can assist you with this.

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Damaged Wood

Restoring damaged wood or antique furniture can be daunting but we have the perfect solution to restore your wood items.

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Thinking of changing or adding some colour to your leather, our recolouring products provide great long-lasting results.

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Dirty, Unprotected Leather

From tobacco smoke to pet stains, dirty unprotected leather can be hard to clean without the right products. Our simple and easy to use kits are a great solution to clean and protect from future accidents.

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We receive hundreds of questions about leather every week. Many problems can actually be solved with a simple leather clean and condition however we do receive many similar questions. Use our FAQ to see commonly asked questions and answers. If you still have a question for us feel free to get in touch with a member of our team today.

Answer: Don’t store your items in a damp location, leather is a natural material and mould will/can grow on the leather without prevention. Look after your items regularly and use our trusted LRC products to guarantee results. When you store your bags, jackets and accessories use a breathable dust bag.

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Answer: Simply purchase our 5-star steering wheel and scuff repair kit. Follow the quick instructions. Enjoy your fully restored steering wheel.

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Answer: Aniline Leather, Coated Leather, Suede & Nubuck, Waxy Pull Up, Micro Aniline, Semi Aniline, Crust, Vachetta Leather, Tooling Leather, Pigmented Leather, Veg Tanned Leather, & Bi cast.

Answer: Colour staining is an increasingly common problem as light coloured leather furniture becomes more popular and dye transfers from one material to another. This can be avoided by using a leather care product to protect the leather before use or after cleaning. Some retailers may provide leather protector at the point of sale or apply it prior to sale. Removing denim dye transfer you can use an ink and stain remover products, we have a stain remover ki t, or a stain remover soap . For the best Leather Conditioning & Protection Cream click the button below. For further information use the contact form below.

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Answer: Its best to use a leather protector such as LRC’s , this is best done either before the leather becomes soiled, at the point of purchase or after cleaning the cars leather interior this helps prevent colour staining from materials like denim or newsprint and also significantly reduces wear and tear on leather bolsters, seams, stitching and entry/exit points in the vehicle. Scuffing cant be stopped due to things like buttons on clothing etc, but using the protection cream four times a year will help reduce this from possibly happening and keeping your leather in far better condition that it would have been before. For further information use the contact form below

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Answer: Sorry about the problem with the ink marks on your leather furniture. Ball-point pen ink is an oil-based viscous ink when on the polymer finish applied to the surface of upholstery leather and therefore is quickly absorbed into the surface making it difficult to remove.  You can use our Ink & Stain Remover Kit. You can also try using the ink and stain remover soap . However, they are only fully effective if treated soon after contamination; the longer you leave the ink the harder it will be to remove. The longer you have left the ink on the leather furniture the more likely it is that a colour restoration process is required, you can buy a small scuff kit to do this.

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We also offer a bespoke repair service starting from just £15!

If you still don't feel ready to repair your leather item yourself, we also offer a bespoke repair service where our team of master craftsmen will carry out the work for you. From rips and tears to complete colour changes and everything in between, with Leather Repair Company you know your furniture or clothing is in the best and safest hands. Get in touch using our enquiry form below for more information or attach pictures of your item and a member of our team will get back to you to discuss your repair.

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We repair a complete range of items from leather car seats, to aircraft, leather sofas to leather jackets. We provide full leather cleaning and leather nourishment services.

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