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Hybrid Fabric Cleaner LRC29


Hybrid Fabric Cleaner LRC29

Specially made cleaner for fabrics and carpets.


  • Ultra Safe
  • Deep Cleans Fabrics & Carpets
  • Brightens Colour
  • Removes All Stains

The Hybrid Fabric Cleaner is designed to produce first class results with its special cleaning agents. Deep cleaning fabrics toughest stains whilst enhancing the colour.

The fabric cleaner loosens the dirt that is bonded to the material, it’s capable of lifting the most stubborn stains, including engine oil, grease and grime, deep from within the fabrics fibres.

Very easy to use spray on and agitate in then vacuum off for outstanding results.

First Class Results

Powerful Deep Clean

Special Hybrid Technology

Water Based Formula


  1. Shake well before use to activate technologies
  2. Spray directly onto fabric and allow formula to soak deep into structure of material.
  3. For tough stain use a brush to agitate and lift.
  4. Wipe and vacuum and excess and enjoy your clean fabrics

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MSDS Report

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