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Leather Repair Pen LRC30


Leather Repair Pen LRC30

Touch up your leather scuffs with our Leather Repair Pen

Leather Repair Pen the simple accurate way of repairing minor damage to leather great for, colour loss, scuffs, cat scratches and touch ups to tears.


Our Leather Repair Pen is the worlds fastest growing touch up pen in the automotive, furniture, valeting, handbags, clothing and mobile detailing sectors.

  • Perfect For Handbags

  • Piping on Classic Cars

  • Touch Ups on Sofas

  • Cat Scratches

  • Leather Jackets

  • Leather Repair Pen


Our Leather Repair Pen is an all in one solution for leather repair requiring no messy cloths, brushes or big spray equipment. The repair is quick drying, hard wearing and offers the perfect coverage in one easy application. We designed this pen to be perfect for all minor repairs on modern leathers.

Designed to work on:

Furniture Car Interiors Leather Garments Mobile Phone cases Handbags Leather Jackets Shoes Motorbike Jackets Golf Bags Leather Table Tops Office Furniture Choose from the largest selection of colours available, Select your colour and order online today.
Perfect for Small repairs and touch ups, piping on seats and furniture, Handbags, Leather Jackets, Motorbike Clothing, Golf Bags and so much more.


The Leather Repair Pen is an easy to use item

Shake the leather repair pen well first of all.

Give the area to be touched up a quick clean with leather cleaner or wipe lightly with alcohol cleaner.

Simply pump the tip to make sure the colour / dye is flowing through, once that’s done you can start to carry out small areas of touch ups to leather goods.

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TDS Sheet