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Solution Finish Black Plastic Restorer

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Solution Finish Black Plastic Restorer

Solution Finish a world leader in protection and restoration products for black bumpers and trim, the solution finish products dry fully, can even be worked in with a machine or by hand, the results are truly outstanding.

Solution Finish Black Plastic Restorer brings black plastic trim back to life and lasts, not just on cars, works great on garden plastics and tool chests.

Lasts 6 to 8 months on black plastic trim.

Instantly restores black surfaces – Ideal for bumpers, trim, mud flaps, wiper blades, and more.
Glossy, protective finish – Formula uses advanced polymer technology for a long-lasting finish.
Formulated for professionals – Silicone-free solution that uses natural oils and is VOC compliant
Non-greasy – Dries quickly to restore black surfaces to a deep, rich black without a wet look.
Use as intended – Wipe off immediately, don’t use on painted/glass surfaces.

Comes in a 1oz – 30ml Bottle or Comes in a 12oz – 354ml Bottle.



1. Making sure the plastic trim to be coating is cleaned is paramount for this to last the 6 to 8 months it normally does.

2. Use Alcohol Cleaner to clean down the plastic trim, once this is fully cleaned ensure the trim to be coated is 100% dry.

3. Its essential you don’t try to get fancy with degreasers and other plastic trim cleaners as they leave a film behind, you must always finish off the cleaning process with an Alcohol Cleaner to remove all traces of silicone left on the surface, making sure all the pores in the plastic are opened up and clean, ready for Solution Finish to be applied and to allow it to soak in.

4. Apply via a micro fibre sponge, then buff off all excess oil with a microfibre towel, this product can also be machine in to the plastic trim.