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Raw Hide Dye LRC58


Raw Hide Dye LRC58

Raw hide dye is a powerful dye designed to dye raw hides like crust leather and veg tanned leather.

  • Excellent colour fastness.

  • Easily mixed together to gain other colours.

  • Great adhesion.

  • Fantastic penetration.

    Raw Hide Dye, dyes naked, undyed leathers or can be used to restore veg tanned leathers or crust leathers that have been dyed before.

    Raw Hide Dye has to be mixed with Raw Hide Base, the two must be mixed together to allow them to adhere to the leather, you can mix the dyes together to gain any shade you wish, the shades you can create are endless.

    Raw Hide Dye is mixed with Raw Hide Base at a ratio of 20% raw hide dye added to the raw hide base to make your mixture to dye leather or to revive the colour you already have.

    This is an amazing product in the leather craft industry for dying leather and in the re-enactment sectors.

    A fantastic solution for medieval and historic clothing and furniture to retain patina, to restore classic and vintage items or clothing, furniture, and fashion artifacts.

Water Based Formula

Strong & Durable

Scratch Resistant

Outstanding Adhesion


For dying raw hide, crust leather or veg tanned leather, can also be used to restore the colour on crusts and veg tanned items, like handbags, shoes, furniture, or even classic car interiors where no fillers are wanted or needed, or to give aging to antique furniture, production of re-enactment clothing in the sci fi, medieval and historical sectors.


Here is a guide of how much dye you will need to add to the base sizes:

5 litre of base will need 1 litre of dye.

1 litre of base will need 200ml of dye.

500ml of base will need 100ml of dye.

250ml of base will need 50ml of dye.

100ml of base will need 20ml of dye.

50ml of base will need 10ml of dye.


Ensure the surface is dry and prepared correctly and free of dirt, grime, debris, and dust. Next you mix the dye with the raw hide base, only 20% raw hide dye is required to be added to the base, once added shake very well. Then apply in a circular motion with a sponge or pad and ensure this is rubbed in properly and then levelled out with straight line if required you need to avoid lines any streaks, once cured and dried you can seal over with soft touch finish or antique silk dressing or both.

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MSDS Report