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Soft Touch Leather Finish LRC60


Soft Touch Leather Finish LRC60

Gives a very luxury feel and ultra-soft touch to leather.

The soft touch finish has added ingredients that gives a natural soft feel to leather and subtle sheen level.

It gives the leather a super fresh look and feel, with a nice soft sheen level.

Soft top finish, helps prevent damage happening to protect the leathers surface as it provides extra slickness to the leather skin allowing clothing to slide over the surface easier.

With leather fashion items, this produces the perfect polished surface to your favourite leather handbags, purses, wallets, briefcases and leather jackets.

It’s the perfect solution for leather shoes, giving them an am amazing coating of protection, super slick to the touch and a stunning sheen.

Water Based Formula

Strong & Durable

Luxury Look & Feel

Professional Grade Formula


Has built in specialist chemicals to leave behind a super soft touch, that nothing else matches, makes leather feel more luxurious than ever before, gives protection and helps prevent dirt build up and grime sticking.


Apply the Soft Touch Finish to a dry applicator pad and gently massage into the leather in a circular motion, allow to dry as normal and then simply buff up for a fantastic super soft finish on your leather and amazing protection.

You can use a super soft extra-large shoe buffing brush to buff the surface.Providing a luxurious feel and sheen to your leather.

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MSDS Report