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Leather Gel Degreaser LRC18


Leather Gel Degreaser LRC18 

Effortlessly removes all grease stains.

Our Gel Degreaser is widely used to remove a multitude of grease stains through its powerful deep cleaning properties.

It works by drawing out the grease to the surface as works, its a medium thickness paste, that’s applied and allowed to dry to a white powder, where its removed grease the top surface will dry a green / brown colour, this is the grease that been drawn out of the leather. Its commonly used by professionals around the world to remove head grease, hand grease, food grease and oils.

Grease & Grime Remover

Leather Safe Technology

Powerful Deep Clean

Removes Waxes & Silicones


The gel degreaser can be used a large number of leathers and items, from clothing to car interiors, furniture to handbags, shoes to table tops and so much more.

You may find after using this product that you have to carry out a colour restoration process as it can draw out the colour as well, where the grease has attacked the leather and broken down the coloured surface, colouring kits can be found here starting from a small colour repair kit.


  1. Spread the degreaser onto the affected area
  2. Allow the product to dry
  3. Once dry, remove the residue with a vacuum
  4. Some colour may be removed and a colour restore will be required

Take a look at this additional videos about using this product Grease Removal

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MSDS Report

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