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Leather Air Freshener LRC10


Leather Air Freshener LRC10

Has your leather lost that traditional Italian or English leather aroma? We have the solution, all bottled up in a handy trigger spray.

The leather air freshener is a water-based product, developed in the UK along with all our other products. It’s safe to use in and around the home perfect for car interiors as well. Our Leather Air Freshener is easily applied to foot wells, sofas and fabrics leaving a new, fresh leather smell.

Simply spray on to the underside of the item and once again your leather is smelling of brand new leather again.

Leather Safe Technology

Long Lasting Aroma

Natural Leather Scent

Water Based Formula


1. Shake the bottle well
2. Lightly spray into the air being careful to avoid delicate surfaces
3. unlock the beautiful natural leather scent

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MSDS Report

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TDS Sheet