Leather Repair Company

Saddle Anti Bacterial SC6


Make sure your tack is complete free from bacteria & potentially harmful germs.

The Antibacterial Spray then leaves behind a residual broad spectrum biocide, helping to keep germs away for good.

This is a professional grade formula item, not like normal household antibacterial sprays, this was designed to be powerful, but yes it can still be used in a diy environment at home.

After you have cleaned your leather items you can then apply a coating of the Antibacterial Spray to stop bacterial growth in the future and stop germs spreading.

Antibacterial spray is a protective coating that can be applied using the spray bottle to leather and fabrics to stop bacteria growth.

It will also help with flu viruses to help stop them spreading by using the Antibacterial Spray as a wipe clean product to wipe over areas where someone has touched or sneezed to kill and rid it of bacteria and flu viruses.

Using the spray bottle, spray directly onto a cloth or the surface and generously wipe in to kill all known germs and to provide a barrier of protection against bacterial growth.

Always use in well ventilated areas, using protective gloves