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Anti Bacterial Leather Spray LRC31


Anti Bacterial Leather Spray LRC31

Our Anti-bacterial spray leaves behind a residual broad-spectrum biocide, helping to fight and prevent germs from growing with its powerful capabilities.


  • Kills germs
  • Provides Long Lasting Protection
  • Helps Stop The Common Cold 
  • Great On Fashion Items

This is a professional grade formula item, not like normal household antibacterial sprays, this was designed to be powerful, but yet can still be used in a DIY environment at home.

The antibacterial spray doesn’t stop at clothing, handbags, leather car seats, fabric cars seats. It’s ideal for use around the home protecting surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and utility areas.

Also helps with children’s highchairs, potties and baby bath. Using all our expertise, we are on a mission to provide you with a healthy clean environment and surrounding with the Anti Bacterial Spray we believe we can do just that.

It will also help with flu viruses to help stop them from spreading by using the Anti Bacterial Spray as a wipe clean product to wipe over areas where someone has touched or sneezed to kill and rid it of bacteria and flu viruses.

With the antibacterial spray containing antibacterial agents, it’s great to stop the growth and work perfectly in those hard to reach areas or areas that are tricky like toilet flushes and door handles. Can be used on flat surfaces like kitchen worktops.

Flexible Usage

Leather Safe Technology

Professional Grade Formula

Stops Bacterial Growth


  1. Shake the bottle well
  2. Spray a generous amount directly onto the surface
  3. Allow the product to sit for a few minutes then wipe away the excess with a soft sponge
  4. Repeat the steps when necessary

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MSDS Report

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TDS Sheet