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Leather Grain Copier LRC46


Leather Grain Copier LRC46

Where leather is damaged and the grain is missing this replaces the grain on the surface, repairs holes in leather and tears, making them invisible.

The most effective heat cure top filler.

Our grain copier is used with a heat iron to create the grain on leather.

 The grain copier compound is to be used on leather after using the base grain filler compound LRC45, this replicates the grain fully making repairs blend away and become invisible again. 

Simply apply a small thin layer over the top of the damaged leather over the top of the LRC45 base grain, place your grain matt on the surface then your teflon paper and gently cure with a medium heat to put the grain impression into the leathers surface. 

To be used in conjunction with our base grain filler compound LRC45.

Size: 50 ml tub

Added Flexibility

Great For Classics

Leather Safe Technology

Repair Cracks


  1. Apply the grain filler evenly with a palette knife to the affected areas
  2. Place the grain pad over the area, add the Teflon paper on top and cure over with a heat iron
  3. Now remove iron and add a cooling bar on top until cool and iron again
  4. Remove pad and paper, ready for the dye/colour application
  5. Wipe the area down with alcohol cleaner ready to apply the new leather paint  

take a look at this additional video for help

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MSDS Report

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TDS Sheet