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Leather Handbag Edge Repair Kit LRCK14


Leather Handbag Edge Repair Kit LRCK14

A very simple solution to restoring piping and leather edging.

Our Handbag Edge Repair Kit is one of our most popular kits available. With our advanced leather repair technology, our kit has saved our customers thousands in repurchasing costs and allowed even more to repair and restore their leather handbags, car seats, and a wide range of other leather items.

Glue It - Fill It - Colour It - Seal It

With our simple, yet powerful products your leather will look as good as new in no time.

Key Kit Highlight 1:
Restores new or vintage

Key Kit Highlight 2:
All in one solution

Key Kit Highlight 3:
100% trusted or money back

Key Kit Highlight 4:
Best seller

*Not suitable on Suede, Nubuck or absorbent materials*


What's Included

  • 30ml Main base colour
  • 2 x 5ml colour tinters
  • 15ml alcohol cleaner
  • 15ml matt clear leather lacquer finish
  • 15ml gloss clear leather lacquer finish
  • 5ml leather glue
  • 15ml Handbag edge filler
  • 1 paintbrush
  • 1 Filler application stick
  • 1 Mixing pot
  • 1 cloth
  • Sandpaper

Our Kits are unique they are a very easy, simple few stage process.

1/ The first step is to glue down any areas that are loose to ensure they are bonded strongly.

2/ Next you would fill in any edges with the handbag edge repair filler, this will require building up to produce a nice smooth finish, just like it left the factory. You can sand this down if you want to.

3/ The next stage is to colour the area you have repaired

4/ Once coloured, you then seal this over with the clear coat sealers, you can use the gloss or matt clear coat finish or mix them together to create a satin which will give you that brand new handbag edge look again. Producing a strong repair that when completed is very flexible and lasts.