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Wood Wax LRC42


Wood Wax LRC42

Our Wood Wax is the perfect partner for your wooden surfaces. Once soaked into the surface your wood will have enhanced colour and an amazing protective barrier. 

Works great in and around the home, perfect for natural wooden surfaces outside  and on classic car interiors. 

Our Wood Wax Helps prevent wood from absorbing moisture.

Being a wax paste product its designed to give a protective layer on the surface to protect natural timbers, varnished or lacquered surfaces.

Being colour neutral, it designed to work on modern and antique finishes, bringing out the natural beauty of the woods grain without changing its colour or appearance.

It adds natural oils back into the timber to enrich it and provide a protective layer to preserve the surface.


Quick Colour Enhancement

Works With All Wood Types

Waterproof Properties

UV Ray Protection


Uses, to polish and protect wooden surface

Works on these woods, untreated, oak, birch, pine, mahogany, beech, teak, walnut, larch and many more natural wooden surfaces.

For use on, Car interior trim, doors, chairs, tables, natural wooden cabinets, kitchen worktops, antique furniture, tabletops, toys, wooden ornaments, clocks, wooden furniture, wooden floors, wood panelling, wooden walls, wooden bookcases and so much more.

Application Instructions

Items that are very dirty and inground with grime over the years must be cleaned with the wood reviver and cleaner first, once this has been carried out you can apply the wood wax paste to your items.

You can then apply the wax paste in the direction of the grain, making sure all areas are covered with a fine coating then leave for amount 4 to 6 minutes to cure and buff up with a separate cloth to product a great shine and protective layer on the surface.

The wood wax is designed to clean and polish in one simple easy to follow step, additional coats can be applied to give even great protection to the surface.

Wood wax is best applied once a year, liquids should bead up on the surface when they are protecting the wooden surface, if they happen to lie flat then further applications are required, in normal circumstances the wood wax paste offers around 12 months of protection on timber.

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MSDS Report

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