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Leather Handbag Edge Filler LRC34


Leather Handbag Edge Filler LRC34

Our Handbag Edge Filler is a natural look and flexible repair compound.

Our Handbag Edge Filler is perfect for filling scuffs, abrasions, and holes in handbag edges and piping. It gives a natural look and feel.


*Not Suitable on Suede & Nubuck*

Extremely Flexible

Leather Safe Technology

Shrink, Crack & Peel Resistant

Works With Leather Colourant


This product is perfect for making repairs to the edges of handbags where the edging has cracked or been damaged.


‍Make sure you clean the area down first of all with a leather prep solution, glue in place any lose fibres, then slowly apply the handbag edge repair filler, this can be painted in or applied with a small spatula or tooth pick, always apply in small layers allowing to dry fully between applications.

The filler can be sanded if required with a 320 grit paper, but the final layer should only be sanded with 1200 grit paper to ensure a smooth finish is achieved.

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MSDS Report

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