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Leather Dye Stopper LRC44


Leather Dye Stopper LRC44

Invisible protective coating that prevents dye transfer.

A brand new product that will help stop dye transfer onto leather from Jeans, newspaper, inks. Dye Stopper works on all types of leather including suede, nubuck, Alcantara.

The Leather Dye Stopper will also help protect your leather from other types of stains from food, drink, and dirt.

    Intelligent Protection

    Leather Safe Technology

    Protective Barrier

    Up To 6 Months Protection


    Prevent dye transfer from Jeans, newspapers, inks, and other sources onto leather with our highly rated leather dye stopper. Our leather dye stopper also protects your leather from food, drink, and dirt stains.


    1. Shake the bottle well and spray directly onto the leather surface
    2. Using a soft cloth or sponge, gently rub the area taking care not to fully remove the protection spray
    3. Leave to dry naturally for best results
    4. Ideally apply every 3 months for the best protection

    Helpful info: Ideally apply every 3 months for the best protection.

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