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Boiled Linseed Oil LRC43


Boiled Fast Drying Linseed Oil LRC43

Protection for all natural timber outside, including stone, and bricks and wooden sports equipment.

Our Boiled Linseed Oil is completely safe to use on most kinds of wood (not on oak) and all stone. It adds a layer of protection whilst naturally enhancing the colour.

Unlike other linseed oils, our Boiled Linseed oil is very unique its been boiled twice and hot air passed through it to ensure it dries faster and provides a harder wearing coating to the surface.

Our premium quality Linseed Oil has had hot air passed through it to ensure it dries quicker and is the finest on the market today. Forms a tough, durable slightly glossy superior finish.

It is a beautiful oil to work with and has endless applications including wooden furniture, sports equipment such as cricket bats, musical instruments, terracotta tiles, stone steps and garden furniture! Food and child safe.

It’s fantastic for terracotta tiles and porous stone providing a barrier of protection for interior and exterior surfaces.

When used as a wood finish, linseed oil dries slowly and shrinks little upon hardening. Linseed oil does not cover the surface as varnish does, but soaks into the (visible and microscopic) pores, leaving a shiny but not glossy surface that shows off the grain of the wood. A linseed oil finish is easily repaired.

Boiled linseed oil is a natural oil blended with driers to improve drying time. A thin coat can dry within 1 day.

Flexible Usage

Intelligent Protection

Quick Colour Enhancements

Waterproof Properties

Important Information:

Coverage on this product is between 10m² to 20m² per litre depending on absorption.

Drying time is around 24 hours per coat.

Can be applied by brush or lint free cloth.

Can be sanded between coatings to give an even better finish.

Provides are hard wearing durable tough finish.

Boiled Linseed oil is a natural material derived from the flax.

Compliant with Articles In Contact With Food Regulations.

Available sizes, 250ml– 8.5 fl oz, 500ml – 17 fl oz, 1ltr – 34 fl oz, 5ltr – 176 fl oz

Once Opened, use within 24 months.

Temperatures, do not allow to freeze or get too hot, store between 7 °C and 20 °C

Before Use, always check in a small hidden area before using.

Works on multiple surface...

Boiled Linseed Oil is suitable for both Interior & Exterior Wood and children's wooden toys

Hardwoods and Softwoods, Kitchen Worktops & Utensils, Doors and Windows, Hardwood Floors, Turned Wood, Untreated Timber, Stripped and Bare Wood, Stained but Unfinished Wood, Cricket Bats and Musical Instruments.

Terracotta Tiles, Natural Stone, Stone Floors, Stone Garden Ornaments, Statues and natural stone structures.

Timber or objects with a clear coat or clear varnish will need this to be removed before applying boiled linseed oil.


1. Ensure the surface to be treated is cleaned and dried before use.

2. Shake the bottle well before use to ensure all is mixed together.

3. Apply the boiled linseed oil to a lint free cloth and apply in the direction of the grain.

4. Allow the boiled linseed oil to soak into the surface for around 15 to 30 minutes.

5. Wipe away any excess after its soaked in.

6. Lightly rubbing in between coats with ultra-fine steel wool 0000 grade will improve finished results.

Detailed instructions.

Make sure the surface to be treated is deep cleaned and dried before applying the boiled linseed oil, for natural stone use a dedicated stone cleaner, on timber brush off any green algae and dirt from the timber and allow to dry if cleaning down with a water and soap solution.

Apply in the direction of the grain on all wooden surface, sand lightly between coats to give an even great enhancement of the natural gain pattern, sanding is carried out with a fine grade wool 0000 or a very find 2000 grit sandpaper foam pad to remove any small blemishes in the surface.

After the first application allow this to dry for approximately 30 minutes and then wipe off any excess with a clean dry lint free cloth.

Allow the boiled linseed oil to fully cure for 24 hours lightly sand and apply an additional coating to enhance the patina of the timber or stone further, this will create an even harder shell of protection on the surface.

Always apply annually to ensure the protection is maintained on all surfaces.


Discard rags safely lay them flat and allow them to dry fully, do not allow bundles of rags to be left in direct sunlight as they can combust. Do not put rags into a bundle, discard separately.

This is an additional video on YouTube about boiled linseed oil.

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