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Alcohol Cleaner LRC3



Our Alcohol Cleaner is used in the preparation stages of your leather restoration to remove grease, grime, dirt that if left would result in poor adhesion of leather dye.

You can also dilute the alcohol cleaner with water to act as a stain remover if you wish, but we do sell specific stain removers, that can be used to remove pen, newspaper print, jean dye transfer, and stains from juices and food.

With the Alcohol Cleaner, you can add small amounts of this to the leather cleaner The alcohol cleaner goes a long way and is suitable to be used on all types and styles of leathers making way for safe fast cleaning action prior to renovation of the leather surface coatings.

The alcohol cleaner is best used soaked into a cloth to wipe of the surface to clean and as a final wipe down prior to application of leather colourants or aniline dyes.

Can be used on several different types of leathers

  • Anilines
  • Top Coated
  • Pigmented
  • Bonded
  • Two Tone
  • Semi Aniline
  • Waxy Pull Ups
  • Bi Cast Leather
  • Antique Two Tone Leathers

Alcohol Based Formula

Deep Clean & Sanitise

Improved Adhesion

Removes Waxes & Silicones


1. Shake the bottle well

2. Apply to a clean cloth and wipe over the leather surface

3. Repeat step 2 until you have a completely clean surface

4. Proceed with a colouring process

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MSDS Report

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