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Fabric Protector Waterproofer LRC54


Fabric Protector Waterproofer LRC54

Fabric Protector and waterproofer, is a fantastic product to give protection to all types of Sneakers, Fabrics and Alcantara materials. 

  • Works great on sneaker
  • Protects all fabrics
  • Ideal for carpets
  • Nano Protection

Our Fabric Protector and Waterproofer is sprayed onto the sneakers, fabrics or carpet once cleaned, creating a waterproof barrier and protecting from future threats.

Easy to use, clean your sneakers, fabric / carpet  first off all and make sure its 100% dry and then apply by spray application via the spray bottle, always use in a well ventilated area.

Mask up all areas around paintwork and spray apply the protector waterproofer to the fabric or carpet making sure a good even coating is applied a second and third coating can be applied making sure you get into all seams and joint areas. You need to make sure you get to the bottom of the fibres to give full protection 

Suitable for all types of fabrics including sneakers, alcantara materials, car seats and carpets. 

If applying inside ensure a suitable mask is worn at all times.

Always test in a small hidden area first

    Instant Protection

    Water Based Formula

    Waterproof Properties

    Fast Action


    Fully clean the item down that's to be coated and protected, making sure they are 100% dry before applying any protector spray.

    1. Shake the bottle well.

    2. Apply a generous amount by spray application, ensuring all areas are covered and the fibres have been brushed in each direction to get the solution to the bottom of the fabric fibres.

    4. Once dry apply thinner coats for even greater protection.

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    MSDS Report

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