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Suede & Nubuck Leather Cleaner LRC52



One of the safest cleaners for suede and nubuck leather.

Our Suede and Nubuck leather cleaner was designed by leading leather technicians and is a safe, simple, and protective solution to clean stubborn stains and grime.

The suede leather cleaner can handle the toughest of stains and grime on your sued or nubuck items to produce a nice clean fresh surface once again. Can be used on several different types of leathers.

Perfect for use on Handbags and Leather Clothing.

The Suede Leather Cleaner being a water based product is safe to use and adds moisture to keep all leathers soft and supple, helps stop leathers from breaking down quicker. Because suede and nubuck are unprotected this means all the dirt and grime absorbs into the leather rather than being settled on the surface like a pigment coated leather.

Always test in a small hidden area first. Before you start to use any products on suede or nubuck leather its best to carry out a small quick test to see if you do actually have suede or nubuck leather.

Leather Safe Technology

Minimal Effort

Perfect For Suede & Nubuck

Powerful Deep Clean


This leather cleaner is ideal for use on natural leathers, like suede, nubuck, veg tanned, aniline leather, leather jackets, handbags and fashion goods, including aniline leather car interiors.

Aniline Leather Furniture, Natural Leather Handbags, Natural Vehicle Interiors, Leather Jackets ,Veg Tanned Leather.


  1. Shake the bottle well
  2. Spray directly onto the surface making sure not to oversaturate
  3. Lightly agitate with a suede or nubuck brush to remove dirt
  4. Wipe with a terry towel to remove any dirt residue
  5. Before your item dries fluff up the surface with a suede or nubuck brush
  6. Once dry, fluff the surface again and protect with a suede and nubuck protector spray

Take a look at this additional video for help

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