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Leather Primer LRC36



The best way to ensure leather colourant adhesion.

Our Leather Primer is designed to be used on a bare leather surface. After using this product it will give the best adhesion before using a leather colourant.

This is designed to be applied to the bare surface of leather once all old colour has been removed to give increased adhesion.

The leather primer is designed to work not just on cars, but, boats, planes, trucks, buses and more.

The product gives additional adhesion to water-based paints being applied to the surface of leather to enable you to carry out even stronger repairs to than before.

The leather primer creates this tough bond giving you reassurance you know your products won’t come off. Once coated with a clear coat sealer you have created tough hard-wearing coating to last for years to come.

If you wanted, you could create an even more durable coating on the surface by adding 10% crosslinker to the clear coat to make the coating last even longer than ever. If you are dealing with Vinyl this will require a different product, this is called Vinyl Adhesion Promoter.

Bonding Promotion

Improved Adhesion

Solvent Based Formula

Works With Leather Colourant


Our Leather Primer is used to provide optimum adhesion. This product is intended to be applied to raw leather surface of leather after all previous colour has been removed in order to improve adherence.


  1. ensure the surface is prepared correctly, clean and dry
  2. apply by sponge or spray application
  3. several coats will be required
  4. when dry it should feel tacky on the surface

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MSDS Report

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