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Heavy Leather Filler LRC23 (coloured)


Heavy Leather Filler LRC23

Our Heavy Leather Filler Fills cracks, holes and deep scratches in Leather.

Our unique repair compound is used to fill in surface abrasions, scuffs and holes in leather, leaving you with a strong repair.

  • Flexible 
  • Can Be Sanded
  • Can Be Grained
  • Won't Crack
  • Won't Shrink
  • Won't fall Out

Heavy filler is designed for use in high wear areas, like seat bases, cushions, car seat bases, car seat bolster, arms of chairs and sofas etc It’s a thick coloured paste and so it can be easily rubbed into the damage of the leather, allowing it to hold the leather fibres tightly together creating a strong repair as well as a smooth one.

You can also mix the Leather Colourant with this filler to match the leather colour making the repair better and enabling you to get a better more invisible finish. The filler repair compound, produces a natural look and feel, can be grained by stippling the filler on, creating an uneven finish, then lightly sanded back and coloured over the top.

The heavy filler has excellent adhesion properties, won’t shrink, crack or peel off, once applied correctly, its thick viscosity and has an excellent shelf life. The Coloured Heavy Filler has a flexible finish so it won’t crack. It may need several applications to ensure of a perfect repair.

*Not suitable on Aniline, Suede, Nubuck or absorbent materials*

Added Flexibility

Outstanding Adhesion

Shrink, Crack & Peel Resistant

Works With Leather Colourant


  1. Clean the area, first of all, to be repaired with a leather cleaner
  2. If you are having to recolour the area as well now is the time to use the leather prep to prep all the area, making this good to carry out any colouring that you will be doing
  3. At this stage, you need to put in your sub patch if you going to fill a hole
  4. If you are just repairing scratches, scuffs or cat scratches, skip the prep section and start applying the heavy filler to the areas needing repair
  5. Apply in thin layers, it’s best to build up the layers of heavy filler, drying between each layer to ensure for a perfect repair
  6. You can dry the filler with a hairdryer and this can be sanded down with sandpaper anything from 1200 grit to 320 grit depending on how much filler has been used and how bad the area was that’s being repaired

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MSDS Report

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