How To Repair A Ripped Up Motorcycle Jacket

How To Repair A Ripped Up Motorcycle Jacket

April 16, 2023

Jane Smith, Managing Director

Whilst the leather motorcycle jacket has been the epitome of renegade outsider style for over half a century, the biker jacket has been made of leather for a far more practical reason.

Robust, resilient, wind and water-resistant, leather jackets were the ideal outerwear for any biker inspired by James Dean that wanted to feel the rush of the wind, the need for speed and the thrill of the open road.

However, it is possible that rather than feeling the thrill of riding on the open road, an errant move can instead send you sliding down it, which is where the leather can protect you and even potentially save your life.

However, this does mean that motorcycle jackets need the help of leather repair kits more often than not to repair rips, tears and scuffs that come from daily use.

Here are some top tips to easily fix those tears and scrapes, allowing you to use your jacket longer and making your coat more sustainable.

Glue And Filler Works For Small Tears

Leather tends to be fairly easy to work with, so some darning and mending techniques will work to fix small holes or restore the stitching.

However, for the easiest solution, use a glue suited for use on leather such as many clothing glues and superglue, bind the area together after the glue dries with some filler cream and touch up the area with a colour that matches the original.

Contact cement is a good option as well, as it can repair the coat without reducing its flexibility.‍

Add Character

A large enough tear can cause problems sometimes when repairing leather, as you cannot darn it back to the way it was without a noticeable stitch.

However, this can work in itself to add individuality and style to a jacket.

Use A Leather Patch

In many cases, you can glue a leather patch of the same colour and quality as your jacket, but bear in mind that you may need to unpick the lining of the jacket to fit the repair to the inside of the leather.

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