George Michael Music Memorabilia Restorations

George Michael Music Memorabilia Restorations

August 20, 2023

Jane Smith, Managing Director

Sofa so good with our music memorabilia restorations

We must admit to being a little taken aback by the media response to our latest sofa restoration project, and we’re pretty sure there’s more to come.

It’s not just any old sofa – although even if it were, we would assure the owner it was in the safest hands.

No, this one featured on the cover of “Patience”, George Michael’s final studio album. Our work on it has attracted the attention of assorted media from our local paper the Holderness Gazette to the Yorkshire Post, which reaches a global readership.

It’s also been picked up by any number of websites and we’re in the process of booking a date for the BBC to call in and take a look in a few weeks.

The sofa was picked up at auction by David Huse, who plans to place it at his home in Surrey alongside a guitar signed by Brian May of Queen. Before he can do that, David needs somebody to clean it up. He found us online and drove over 200 miles to drop it off at our workshop.

We don’t know much about the history of the sofa but we do know that it will be 20 years next year since Patience was released and, as the album was apparently eight years in the making, the piece could therefore be rather older.

We found that the sofa hasn’t been looked after and the leather hasn’t been fed and nourished. It hasn’t been stored properly. It’s probably been in damp conditions and it’s had animals on it – there are a lot of scratches on one of the arms.

It’s been well-used and there was a time when it was well-loved and we are working to take it back to those days.

The media coverage also picked up on our renovation of leather jackets from American rap stars Big L and Dr Dre which were sent to us by Daniel Riley, a London-based photographer and collector. Daniel, who also found us online, intends to feature them alongside other garments and his own images in an exhibition later this year.

We’re on the case and we’re expecting further media interest when the time comes for David to drive back to Hull and collect his new-look sofa, so watch this space and meanwhile have a look at some of the coverage!

Below are some of the online exposure we had for this item

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HDM Business 

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