How To Remove Cat Scratches

Removing cat or pet scratches is easy.

Cats can create two different types of cat scratches on leather.

The first is where the cat scratches the leather by plucking out the fibres from the leather substrate creating little pull-ups of loose leather, these will stand proud of the leather surface and feel rather rough.

The second is where the cat will scratch the leather causing a more straight-line scratch, without puncturing the surface at all.

Repairing damaged leather where cats have scratched the surface or created small pucks is possible if you are looking for a permanent repair NEVER use our colouring enhancer balm to carry out this job.

There are a few items that you will require to successfully repair cat scratches in your leather:
• Cat Scratch Repair Kit (depending on the area you may need a bigger kit)
• Leather Glue Repair Kit
• Heavy Filler (this can be a coloured filler or just white)
• Spatula
• Protection Cream

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