Jean & Dye Remover – Fantastic Value For Money – We have developed a system to safely remove Jean Dye Transfer from leather

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•   Safely Remove Dye Transfer From Furniture
•   Jean Dye Remover
•   Removes Dye Transfer From Leather Clothing
•   Safely Removes Dye Build Up & Transfer On Light Coloured Leather Car Interiors
•   Remove Denim Dye Transfer On Handbags

We offer unbeatable prices starting as low as £15 for Denim and Newspaper Dye Transfer Removal Services.

•   DO NOT Use On Aniline
•   Safe For All Car Interiors
•   Safe On All Pigmented Coated Leather Furniture Items
•   Safe Removal Of Dye Transfer

If you clean and protect your leather on a regular basis this will help stop jean and dye transfer from taking place to begin with.

It's advised that you call in a professional technician at once when you notice dye transfer on your leather goods, as the Jean Dye Remover process is harder to take place effectively if left for far too long on the surface of the leather.

You can help avoid dye transfer build up by buying these products to begin with, Deep Cleaning Kit.

If you require any form of help identifying your leather types please drop us a line 01482 606864 we will be glad to help you as much as we can.

People often wonder how dye is transferred to the leathers surface or where it has come from. It is transferred to the leather from leather clothing,  jeans dye is the most common form to transfer to leather clothing, other type of dye transfer can take place another very common one is newspaper dye transfer.

Another type of dye transfer is hair dye, something that you often think won’t transfer, but this doe’s happen after a visit to a spa or the hairdressers and the dye can still be slightly uncured and this will transfers.

We offer one of the best Jean Dye Remover services in the UK to safely remove all forms of dye transfer not just from Jeans, but any form of dye transfer is removed by our professional service all carried out by trained technicians.

To begin with follow our simple video on Leather Cleaning below to help stop the build of of dye, as this will protect your leather, enable it to last longer and help avoid the services of a jean dye remover services.

Call in the industry leading experts NOW for jean & dye remover services ,  contact us on 01482 606864 or  email the team pictures, we are just near you

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