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Leather care FAQs can be mind boggling, don’t go mad about your leather issues, we can help …

If you have a question about or a problem with leather, like stains, colour loss, scratches, tears rips and more, the chances are somebody else has asked us before.

This page has some of the common sorts of questions we have received, so have a look at them and see if they help!

if you don’t see your issue here please email us help@leatherrepaircompany.com. If you want further help with our Leather Care FAQs please do get in touch, 01482 606864

We are constantly being asked questions about leather so you will find updates for leather care FAQs on this page will be kept up to date as much as possible.

Below is a list of the most common leather care FAQs if you have any please do ask them and we can add them for you.

Q: Can i get help?

A: Sure, we pride ourselves on our help, just call us 01482 606864 its a local call rate number, always happy to help you this way or via email help@leatherrepaircompany.com

Q: My denim jeans have left a colour stain on my light coloured leather sofa – what can I do about this?

A: Colour staining is an increasingly common problem as light coloured leather furniture becomes more popular and dye transfers from one material to another. This can be avoided by using a leather care product to protect the leather before use or after cleaning. For further information contact help@leatherrepaircompany.com, Some retailers may provide leather protector at the point of sale or apply it prior to sale. For the best Leather Conditioning & Protection Cream Follow this link – – View Leather Conditioner & Protection Cream

Q: I want to get my handbag dry cleaned is that ok?

A: Not at all, don’t be tempted to have your leather handbag dry cleaned at all, it causes damage far worse than you could imagine, just don’t be tempted to drop your handbags off at a dry cleaner, seek expert help and advice from the handbag specialists Leather Bag Repair

Q: My leather is red, will your protection cream work on this?

A: Yes it will this is the product you need Leather Protection Cream. Our protection cream is a natural product designed to protect and preserve your leather, it works on any colour leather, red, black, green, blue, cream, brown, beige, ivory, maroon just to name a few colours, its neutral and works on any colour leather.

Q:  How can I protect my cream coloured leather car interior from stains and scuffing?

A:  Its best to use a leather protector such as LRC’s , this is best done either before the leather becomes soiled, at the point of purchase or after cleaning the cars leather interior this helps prevent colour staining from materials like denim or newsprint and also significantly reduces wear and tear on leather bolsters, seams, stitching and entry/exit points in the vehicle. Scuffing cant be stopped due to things like buttons on clothing etc, but using the protection cream four times a year will help reduce this from possibly happening and keeping your leather in far better condition that it would have been before. For further information contact help@leatherrepaircompany.com

Q: My handbag is brand new and it has mildew all over it. Why has this happened,  what can I do to remove it and to help stop it happening in the future?

A: This can be prevented by storing in a cool, dry, airy place. Do not store in polythene. I would suggest you wipe off existing mould,  with a wool pad dampened in a pure white vinegar solution. Contact our specialist site for handbag repairs .

Q:  I sent my Belstaff jacket to the dry cleaners and they have removed the top surface colour, I contacted Belstaff direct and they passed me your details can you help.

A: Yes this can be resolved, the top surface colour on some Belstaff jackets are a thin coating to give it that luxury antiqued look, without the correct cleaners this can be removed quickly, dry cleaners use steam and this is what will have taken the top surface colour off, we can professionally restore this antique look for you, please visit our jacket repair page  if you go to the bottom of the page you can download our forms and ship the item to us for a professional appraisal.

Q: One of my children kindly used ink on my sofa & the marks don’t come off. How can I remove blue ballpoint pen from a leather sofa its a cream colour.

A: Sorry about the problem with the ink marks on your leather furniture. Ball-point pen ink is an oil-based viscous ink when on the polymer finish applied to the surface of upholstery leather and therefore is quickly absorbed into the surface making it difficult to remove.  You can use our Ink & Stain Remover Kit. However, they are only fully effective if treated soon after contamination; the longer you leave the ink the harder it will be to remove. The longer you have left the ink on the leather furniture the more likely it is that a colour restoration process is required, you can buy a small scuff kit to do this.

Q: The salesman at the garage has told me I don’t need to protect my new cars leather car interior is that correct?

A: That is wrong, protecting and feeding your leather from new is more important than after its been used, as when its new it’s in one of it’s most vulnerable situations, open to the elements to be attacked.  its better to protect and feed your leather from new than pass up on doing it as its amazing how quickly it can break down if not protected fully and correctly. You can view our leather care plan this plan applies to leather car seats, furniture, clothing, shoes, in fact, anything that is leather.

Q: I have a rip in my most loved leather jacket can you help me 🙁

A: Please don’t worry we can repair this for you. This can be repaired to look like a natural scar line in the leather, in some cases almost invisible. you can visit our page on leather jacket repairs or if you wanted to repair this yourself you can buy a leather glue repair kit.

Q: The cloakroom attendant stuck a sticker on my leather jacket and after removal, some stickiness has removed the colour and left it dull  and will not come out leaving a dark spot as some dirt has stuck to the stickiness. Please help with a remedy!

A: This is a very common issue. The surface coating on leather jackets is very thin and with these cloakroom stickers applied it can in a lot of cases remove the colour, depending on how badly its removed it you have three options, option on is to use the leather re colouring balm,   option two is to use a small colouring kit to dye the effected areas, option three is to send it in to us for a professional restoration

Q: When I agreed to buy my leather sofa it looked a nice dark cream colour, but what has been delivered does not look the same colour as in the shop Why?

A: Leather is a natural product and due to this there will be some shade variations that are natural shads that happen during the manufacturing of hides in the tanneries.

Q: I’ve had this furniture for a few months now and I went to wipe it over using an all in one leather cleaner conditioner wipe, the colour of the leather came off with the wipe !!  Is this normal? I do know my furniture is not aniline or nubuck if that helps. The furniture shop I purchased it from gave me no instructions on how to care for the leather and it had no instructions on it either.  When I purchased it he showed me a swatch of the leather as I told him I needed a leather that did not scratch because I have young kids who love to climb all over it with toys. The swatch did not scratch but the furniture does badly.

A: If you bought the leather wipes at the same place as the furniture and the furniture shop recommended to use on your furniture, then you have a legitimate case to make a complaint as it appears that there is clearly an incompatibility between the wipes used and the finish on the leather. If you do not get any joy with the furniture shop, then I would suggest you contact your local trading standards office. You can click on this link to take you directly to the trading standards website.  We would be happy to provide an independent report if you need one.

Q: Is it ok to hang my leather jacket in a wardrobe?

A: Yes it is ok to hang in a wardrobe as long as there is some form of movement of air,  ie ventilation holes somewhere. Do not hang in a polythene cover or a clothing sack or travel suit bag.

Q: How do I go about re-finishing my car seats?

A: All you will need is one of our leather kits that will fit in with what you’re doing if its a full interior restoration then you require a large colour repair kit.

Q: I have emulsion paint on my new leather sofa, Is the emulsion removable from the Leather at all?

A: Yes. Using the Premium Leather Cleaner or the Stain Remover.  However, a gloss paint is much more difficult to remove, and this will require a Leather Colorant Kit if you have gloss paint on your leathers surface.

Q: Do I need to keep turning my leather cushions on my sofa to keep it in better condition.

A: It is best to rotate cushions every 30-60 days for even wear on the leathers surface, depending on the amount of use.  Any form of lining its best to remember to exercise the lining/foam by fluffing and redistributing the lining/foam evenly throughout.

Q:  Will it matter if I place my leather furniture next to a radiator?

A: Take care not to place your furniture too near a radiator or similar heat source. Make sure there are at least 2 feet of space between your furniture and heat source. If this is not done you will find your leather breaks down and this will in time cause colour loss to take place.

Q: Should I care for my leather handbag?

A:  When you first purchase a handbag its best to use LRC’s leather protector before you use it for the first time and once a month to protect, moisturize and its also advised to clean the leather on your handbag every time you protect it.  Apply a small ten pence size amount of protector onto a soft clean cloth. Rub into the leather, if the bag is a well-loved used handbag take special care with any scratched areas. Then buff off the excess with a soft clean cloth. For dimples and small dents, rub behind the affected area with your hand on the inside of the bag. We highly recommend the use of LRC’s leather protector for leather handbags to protect them and extend the life of your handbags.  We have not tested other brands of protector.  Be sure to store your bag in its storage Bag when not in use, do not store your leather item in a plastic bag at all,  make sure the leather can breath and has air ventilation.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: in most cases, your order is sent the same day or within 48 hours maximum, in the UK they are sent on a next day delivery. Excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Q: Will the repair be invisible?

A: A lot of companies will tell you, yes it will, we are an open up front company, so in the majority of instances no. We only use highly advanced equipment to re colour your leather, this is matched by eye perfectly, to a minimum accuracy of 99.9%. Scuff and scratch repairs are as near to invisible as we can get them

Q: Can you repair the colour loss on a leather jacket

A:  Yes we can do that for you, you can find the address on our contacts page. As soon as it arrives we will advise, please don’t forget to download our mailing address label and repair sheet on the contact us page.

Q: Can I get a free quote from you?

A: Yes you can, its all part of our service, free quotes and we don’t charge for calling to give quotes either.

Q: I have an old leather belt and I love the buckle and I can’t find another like it, can you replace the leather belt for me and put the buckle on to the new leather belt?

A: Yes we can manufacture for you a new leather belt and put your buckle back on to the new belt.

Q: My leather skin is cracking what can I do?

A: This can be repaired, you will need a colour repair kit along with a heavy filler depending on how bad the cracking is, in a lot of cases just using the leather prep from the repair kit will resolve the cracking if its only surface light cracks.

Q: Do you offer training courses?

A: Yes we provide many training courses, we are certificated by the IMI (Institute Of Motoring) so this is the best course in the industry fully backed and approved by LRC

Q: I’ve been told not to protect my modern leather is that correct?

A: No this isn’t correct, all leather requires protection, even more than old leather, as modern leather has such a thin coating of clear coat and paint it can sometimes within month rub off, so it’s always best to protect that surface to avoid wear taking place and dirt damaging the leather surface. You can purchase many different types of protectors for leather from our site, this spray protector stops stained dirt build up and you can easily use a damp cloth after application to wipe over your leather.

Q: Do you provide a colour matching service for leather dyes?

A: Yes we do, we have spectros to carry this out to perfection – all you need to do is to get us a sample that’s at least 10mm square so the machine can read he leather.

Q. What is the Leather Lacquer Finish used for?

A. Leather Lacquer Finish is used primarily to seal in pigment colourant that has been applied to leather, this protects the pigment paint colour to stop it wearing and provides a stain barrier on the surface. Leather can be Matt, Gloss or Satin finish, depending on the type of finish applied.

Q. Can I steam cleanmy leather?

A. Simply put no,this will cause a great deal of damage leather is affectively layers on thesurface of the leather skin, if wet heat is introduced this will cause elamination of those layers, causing the surface painted coating to lift andpossibly mould growth to start.

NOTE: All leather care FAQs are real questions that have been asked and we have provided solutions to the above problems and suggested products we have used over the years, that have worked for us, This does not mean it will work for you, we cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from trying one of the above Q & A’s. You should always test in a small hidden area first before starting anything. All items you work on are at your own risk. If you have any leather care FAQs please do send them into us we will be pleased to respond help@leatherrepaircompany.com

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