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•   Antique furniture repairs
•   Leather Sofa repairs
•   Car Interior Repairs
•   Car Scratches
•   Colour Loss
•   Leather Repair Basildon
•   Tears and Rips Repaired

With modern leathers in today’s cars and on most furniture these are given a treatment in the tanneries known as a pigmented or coated finish, what this means is that the surface is fully sealed and when these leathers start to break down it’s not the leather that’s damaged,  it’s the coating that’s breaking down and drying out, so it’s more so important to protect todays leathers than ever before. We can provide free estimates and provide guides to help maintain your leather.

We are the industry leading experts when it comes to classic cars, no name speaks more highly than that of the Leather Repair Company for all your Leather repair Basildon requirements.

We have several technicians in and around the Basildon areas to undertake all types of leather repairs.

We also have franchises in the Basildon areas to carry out all types of Leather Repair Basildon as well to carry out all types of works.

All technicians and franchises are fully trained at our head office, to the highest standard in the industry and all are approved and as recognised professional leather care,  repair and restoration experts.

Perhaps your looking for a simple deep clean and protection applied to your leather furniture then the Leather Repair Basildon can help you.

Has your leather sofa or chair faded from the sun ? perhaps you just want your leather suite’s colour restored ? we can even change the colour of your leather chairs if you want that new look and the new in colour. Is it the new seasons colour you want ? We can change the colours for you.

We can undertake any type of leather furniture repairs you require doing. All Types of leather repairs to car interiors, handbags, furniture, jackets and so much more.

Leather Car Seat Repair North East London office contact Michael on 0203 797 1080 or email the team pictures londonne@leatherrepaircompany.com

Leather Car Seat Repair South East London office contact Godfrey on 0208 108 6771 or email the team pictures londonse@leatherrepaircompany.com

Want a leather repair? Get in in touch for a quotation.

We repair a complete range of items from leather car seats, to aircraft, leather sofas to leather jackets. We provide full leather cleaning and leather nourishment services.

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